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The zip-line adventure is one excursion you should not miss when traveling to Punta Cana. You could be thinking, what is a zip-line? That is the name often given to a pulley that slides over a suspended cable that connects a high altitude point to a lower one. The pulley moves from the top point to the bottom due to the effect of gravity.

It is frequently used as a means of transportation or for entertainment. In order for a person to use it, they just simply attach themselves to the pulley and let gravity do the rest. Not all zip-lines are equal. Some of them are very short and close to the ground which are perfect for children’s recreation. There are others which are much longer and taller (reaching a mile or more) which are used to carry people from one mountain to another.

Zip-lines are not exactly new; they have been around for a while. The primary use for them was to transport people living in the mountains. In several countries such as China, they served as a bridge to cross rivers. The people in Australia often used a “flying fox” or small zip-line to deliver food and mail during war times. Today, zip-lines are mostly used as a popular vacation activity. 

You can have a zip-line adventure in your vacation if you are up for it. The abundant vegetation and the breathtaking natural landscape make the mountains in the Dominican Republic ideal for this type of activity. The environment surrounding Anamuya mountain is an exotic forested area with many natural wonders including a mesmerizing lake. At this very spot you can find one of the Caribbean’s longest and most exciting zip-lines. Imagine yourself gliding over countless trees at an altitude of 2500 feet and having one of the most spectacular views you can possibly conceive.

There are 16 platforms with 12 zip-lines that extend over a huge paradisiacal area covering approximately two miles. 

All your worries will disappear as you experience the thrill of hovering over the mountains at a very high speed. There is no need to be concerned about the safety as every precaution is taken, plus the equipment is of the highest quality.

Contact information:

Runners adventures (phone numbers: +1 829-599-0621, +1 809-455-1135, email: and general information email: offers a half day excursion to have the experience of a lifetime.

It includes the transportation from the resort to the mountain range where the zip-line is located, the equipment necessary for your safety, soft drinks, refreshing fruit wedges and a guide.

Zip line excusion

The price for the tour is around 90 USD per adult and 45 USD per child. A zip-line adventure is a must to fully enjoy your Punta Cana vacation.

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