Which is the best resort in Punta Cana for a single adult?

by Louie
(San Diego, CA)

I want to stay at resort with not a lot of children, I am in my late twenties looking to have fun night life, hanging out the pool meeting ladies, I prefer not spending too much on an expensive resort. Planning to go in late May, June maybe.


Hello Louie,

There are several resorts that might interest you. One of them is the Barcelo Punta Cana. It is very inexpensive, lots of food and drink available, lots of activities and a great night club open until 5 am. This is a great place to have fun for a very good price. Another resort is the Barcelo Dominican beach.

One of the main perks of the place is the wide variety of places to eat that are available. The place has beautiful grounds and a fantastic beach where you can have lots of fun. Plus there are several pools with swim up bars which are amazing when you need drink but don’t want to get out of the great refreshing pool. The hotel also has many different shows for all kinds of tastes and a great nightclub featuring the best rhythms of the Caribbean. The IFA Villas Bavaro is another good alternative to consider. Great prices for the accommodations, lots of different kinds of foods, plenty of bars to get your drinks all around the resort and a disco where you can drink and dance until your body drops are some benefits that can enjoy by staying at the IFA Villas Bavaro. In all the previously mentioned resorts you may find kids around but don’t worry you are going to have way too much fun for them to distract you.

There are other hotels where you can go that do not allow children. The Punta Cana Princess for example is an adult only resort where you can have a relaxing time during the day and at night you can visit the Areito disco where you can dance to different tunes.

Another resort to keep in mind could be the Catalonia Royal Bavaro. It is another adult only resort which is close to the Catalonia Bavaro. Guests from the adult area can participate in the activities and restaurants of the family area but not the other way around. When you want tranquilly staying at the adult area is the better alternative but when you feel like having fun you can go to the other area and is no problem.

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