What age is considered an adult?

by Rachel


I'm Rachel and we are going on a trip to Dominican Republic. I have been looking at the resorts and I want to know... What age is considered an adult, and can a 17 year old drink alcohol? Parent permission? Do you get issued a wristband?


Hello Rachel,

Several countries around the world have different ages where a person is considered to be an adult. There are a few places that even a 15 year old is considered an adult; of course there are also other countries where 21 is the accepted age of majority. In the specific case of the Dominican Republic an adult is considered to be an individual from 18 years old and up. You also have to keep in mind that age of majority doesn’t necessarily mean that a person can do anything.

In the United States any person 18 years old and above is considered an adult yet they are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages unless they are at least 21 years old. That is not always the case but is something to remember. In terms of drinking alcohol and the entrance to certain places like discotheques the age in the Dominican Republic is also 18 years old. Technically speaking a 17 year old is not supposed to drink any alcohol at all.

It may be allowed for a 17 year old to drink alcohol with the permission of the parents. Some resorts use wristbands while others don't. The wristband can be used as a tool to differentiate between minors and adults. Anyone wearing a minor wristband will not be able to get alcoholic drinks or even enter the nightclubs or casinos. In the case of wristbands to identify minors with a parental authorization to the resort there can be a change for an adult wristband, since the teenager will be under the parents' supervision during the entire vacation.

Parents have to be very careful when giving adult wristbands to their teenagers as they might abuse alcoholic drinks at the first chance they get. It is better to be on the safe side and if you are not sure your teenagers can behave responsibly is advisable for them to drink the usual sodas, piña colada and other non alcoholic beverages.

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