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Creative tips for some very special invitations

For your Punta Cana beach wedding invitations, there are many alternatives available on the market; additionally you can actually have the control over how much you will spend on this type of detail.

The choices may include the ultimate custom designed sets with all kinds of enclosure that you might use for the low cost invitations which can be made at the comfort of your own home or bought in predesigned packages.

Even if you are on a tight budget your ideas for the invitations can still be innovative: in the colors, paper type, envelopes, and enclosures. At the moment of making an estimate for the invitations you really need to be clear on what you want to emphasize the most.

To help you on that, you should think about the aspects of the wedding, for example: will it be a big or small wedding?, is it formal or informal?, in what season the wedding will be?, is it going to be in a closed location or open at the beach?, etc. Now before you start picking designs is essential to know the different parts of the wedding invitations.

What should be in an invitation for a wedding?

The basic components of an invitation are the:

External envelope- is basically the container of all the other parts; it is customary for it to be to be addressed in a formal manner to the recipient.

Internal envelope-is considered to be the true envelope of the invitation as the function of the external one is to protect it during the mailing process.

Reception card-This is a very important part of the wedding invitations. It normally states the time and location of the reception. This card is frequently used if the reception takes place in a complete different area than the wedding ceremony.

Response Card-in this card the people invited indicate if they plan to be present at the ceremony or if for some circumstance they won’t be able to assist. It is imperative to communicate the guests, the necessity to receive a response before a specific deadline.

Directions-Sometimes people get lost when trying to reach the ceremony and or the reception area. This happens very often when the wedding take place at a distant location from where most of the guests live. Providing specific directions or maps is a great way of helping the guests to arrive to the ceremony without delays.

Invitation Design

There are many ways to create wedding invitations; but they all require the following considerations:

Number of guests

A clever idea for making your own invitations is to make the size proportional to the number of the guests that are going to be present at the wedding. The size of the invitations can make as much impact as the event. If the wedding ceremony is going to be small then a little hand written invitation would be the best for a modest group of people; by the way, it would be ideal to find someone that writes in calligraphy style. In the opposite, if the wedding will be a big one is appropriate to choose a bigger size for the invitations.


The printing of beach wedding invitations can enhance its overall look significantly but you must be prepared to use a decent part of the wedding budget. The alternatives may include:

Example text of a wedding invitation1. Engraving - This type of printing can be mesmerizing; is created by pressing through the back. It is also quite expensive and is often used for very formal weddings.

2. Thermographic printing - Is a technique that uses strong heat in order to melt powdered ink. The result is a raised print that looks very similar to engraving although is not that expensive. 

3. Lithography - This method print the letter by using a metal plate and ink; it doesn’t look as good as engraving or thermographic printing but it can still give an invitation a pretty decent appearance.

4. Laser printing - Is known to be the most economical way to print letters; of course if done properly can have results similar to those of the lithography.


The Punta Cana beach wedding invitations concepts for formal or informal follow separate rules. For the formal ceremonies the invitations are generally printed in black ink over white or ivory cards matching the dress of the bride to achieve a classic style. With informal invitations you can let your imagination flow and select colors and decorations based on what you want.


When brainstorming wedding invitation ideas, the bride and groom personal trends should always be considered. If the couple is traditional, the invitations can have the text aligned at the center, they can use script font for the front part and traditional font for the information section. They should have rectangular envelopes and notes.

But if the soon-to-be married couple is very much of a modern one, they should use rounded corners or square beach wedding invitations. They can have the text aligned to the left and use (attractive) mixed fonts if an avant-garde look is desired. A wide array of embellishments such as ribbons can be added to the invitations to provide a more unique look. Adorned wedding invitation

One effective way to integrate ribbons in the design of an invitation is to make sure it matches the color and the overall concept of the wedding. One creative way to include a ribbon is by having an invitation that opens in the middle like a double door and tie it with a bow to keep it close.


No invitation can be complete without the right color. As you choose the theme of the wedding is of the utmost important to pick a color that can add a special flavor. In the case of beach wedding invitations a light shade of blue can do wonders. The possibilities are endless; you can add the color on the cover, on the writing, on the corners or any other way that feels right for you. Traditionally formal weddings tend to use bold colors while more casual ones go for lighter colors; nonetheless the final decision is yours so follow your instincts.


Another good advice for the invitations is to use the color palette according to the season. For autumn and winter stronger colors are suitable. If the wedding takes place in summer or spring is good to use bright colors and pastel tones.

Expressing the theme

Seashells in different colorsThe wedding theme can be a focus point for your invitations. Because it is a beach wedding you can pick something like an elegant seashells design to print on everything you wish, from the announcements to the appreciation cards. You can use special fonts to complement the theme in a sophisticated way. Another essential element is that the main color of the theme should be incorporated somehow in the invitations.

These basic ideas should give you a hint to begin planning your beach wedding invitations; remember to be unique.

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