We are going to Punta Cana!!!

by Lisa
(Louisville, KY, USA)

Hello my name is Lisa. My husband and I are coming to Punta Cana for the first time May 25th thru June. And we can't wait. We are staying at the Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium! What I was wondering since this is our very first time, is there anything we need to know – like upon leaving the Punta Cana airport, things like that.

We would love any feedback and we can't wait to get to paradise.


Hello Lisa,

First you should check with your local travel agent or wherever you booked your travel ticket to know if the 20 USD departure tax is included in what you paid.

Things to know when traveling to Punta Cana

Have in mind the tours you plan to take if any; like fishing, diving, snorkeling, etc. - as those are additional fees.

You shouldn't forget to bring a high quality insect repellent and sunscreen too.

Take an inexpensive digital camera for your trip (with regular AAA, etc. batteries, not the li-ion battery), disposable ones can get damaged quite easily and then you could be left with just a few or no photos.

If you or your husband are planning on getting souvenirs, have lower denominations dollar bills with you to make it easier when buying the things during the vacation in Dominican Republic.

When arriving to Punta Cana and leaving the airport you will notice the bag handlers will be trying to take the bags, so you will either tell them “no” cordially or allow them to take your luggage to the taxi or bus and give them some tips if you think they earned it, just as an example $1 or $2 per luggage bag. After the check in, and getting your things organized in the room, remember to get bottled water for drinking and brushing the teeth as well.

Also remember tipping the room maid if she (they are mostly women) does a good job at cleaning the room.

And if for some reason you want to move to another environment, since you are staying at the Royal Suites Turquesa - you can visit the facilities at Grand Palladium, Grand Palladium Palace and at the Grand Palladium Bavaro.

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