What is Water Ski?

Water ski can be a lot of fun. It is basically a sport where a person wearing skis is pulled by a boat using a cable. Usually there is a third person on the boat that watches closely the condition of the skier. If the skier experience any problem, the third person is responsible to inform the driver about the situation.

The speed of the boat can vary according to the skill and experience of the skier. Like many others sports it began as a fun activity but quickly developed into a very popular sport.

The first person to practice it was a young man named Ralph Samuelson. He thought, it was quite possible to ski on water based on his observations of snow skiers. Samuelson tried several times to find the best position until he finally found the right one. It requires leaning backward with the ski tips up. The basic technique remains the same to this day, however, several variations have been created. The variations include but are not limited to slalom (skiing with one ski), trick (skiing while performing several tricks) and barefoot, which require faster speeds than normal skiing.

Water ski in Punta Cana is not that hard to learn; of course you need to know certain things before attempting it. The first thing you must know is how to swim. Swimming is a very important skill to have before even thinking about skiing in the water. Second you need a life jacket and a helmet to ensure your safety. Finally you will need a boat, a good rope, skis and 2 more people. One person will be the driver of the boat and the other will be the spotter who will keep an eye on you at all times.

The first step is to begin in a crouch seated position, then as the boat accelerates you start getting up slowly until you can get to the standing leaning backward position. 

At this point is imperative to maintain the balance by moving very slowly otherwise you will definitely fall.

The sport can be easily practiced in large bodies of waters like lakes or beaches. Several great spots where you can enjoy this amazing activity are located in Punta Cana. Almost every resort in the area can offer also other activities like wind surfing, sailing and parasailing.

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