Wakeboard Binding

Having the proper wakeboard binding can help you feel more comfortable while you enjoy this amazing sport. Wakeboarding is a water sport that has many elements of other sports like water skiing, surfing and snowboarding.

The sport is very similar to water skiing. The main difference consists in the use of a wakeboard instead of skis. The person practicing it is pulled by a cable that is connected to a boat running at different speeds. There is also one spotter in the boat to keep an eye on the wake boarder and inform the driver in case anything happens.

There are many things necessary to be successful at wakeboarding; one of them is good equipment. The necessary gear to practice this sport requires: a wakeboarding boat, wakeboard binding and fins installed in a pretty decent board. The type of boat used to practice the sport use a V-drive propulsion system. The engine is almost the same as normal boats with the difference that the transmission is in the front part of the engine which is opposed to the normal layout of a boat’s engine. The boards are usually made of foam or of a resin with a coating of fiber glass.

Settling the binding

In order to be ready to wakeboard you need to make sure your bindings are properly set. The first thing you need to know is the stance you are going to use. The stance is the way a person stands on the board and it depends greatly on the skill of the boarder. The binding plates which are the area where the boots rest have many holes that allow you to modify the angle and position. The separations of the bindings are another thing you have to consider. The normal distance between the bindings is approximately a shoulder width; that can be changed according to the needs.

Beginners have an easier time by adjusting the bindings to the back of the board. This is very useful as the majority of the rider’s weight will be centered on the back of the board over the fin area providing more stability. This can be done by setting the back binding 0 degrees at the backmost position and the front binding pointing in the direction to the front of the board at a 27 degree angle (2 to 3 holes from the center of the binding plate). Remember to keep a comfortable distance between one wakeboard binding and the other.

Punta Cana wakeboard video

Having fun with wakeboarding

Wakeboarding can be practiced in many areas preferable beaches. You can take advantage while being on vacation to start getting involved in the sport if you haven’t done so. Contact your resort to check if they offer wakeboard binding as part of the water sport activities.

The Dominican Republic is the perfect vacation spot to enjoy all kinds of water sports including wakeboarding. There are wakeboarding schools that can help you to refine your technique if you have some experience or understand the basics if you are a beginner.

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