Wahoo Fish

The wahoo fish is one of the main reasons for fishing in the waters near Punta Cana. The southeast part of the Dominican Republic is a prime vacation spot but that’s not all. There are plenty charters that can take you to different areas where you can fish.

In the charters there is a variety of fishing activities, including catching the wahoo. It doesn’t matter if you tend to go in deep or shallow waters; Punta Cana has something for all kinds of fishers.


This is an interesting fish that can be found mostly in tropical waters like ones around Punta Cana. It is also one of the main targets in sport fishing competitions. You can recognize it by some its unique characteristics. They can be quite fast; moving up to 60mph which is very remarkable. Usually they travel alone or in a very small group with 1 one or 2 more. Once the wahoo fish find a good feeding spot they tend to make larger groups.

The length of the wahoo’s body can vary significantly. You can find them from 1 foot to an impressive 8 feet. They can also weight from 10 pounds to around 180 pounds. The wahoos have a sturdy elongated body with silver scales and undulating opalescent blue stripes covering the sides. In the back you can appreciate a dark blue shade. The colors remain as long as the fish is alive.

The wahoo fish has a fairly large mouth with very sharp teeth. Due to this fact is often mistaken for a mackerel or a Barracuda. If you look closely they can be differentiated by their teeth. The wahoo’s teeth are shorter than those of the barracuda and the mackerel. If you are wondering when is the ideal time for fishing wahoo? The answer is any time you want. The waters near Punta Cana offer a fantastic environment for them during the whole year; of course if you go from October to December you will have an even better chance of catching this breathtaking specimen.

Wahoo fishing technique

There are several methods you can use to get a wahoo. The right equipment is an absolute necessity. A 80 lb test steel leader with a length of no more than 4 feet and a multi strand will work well. If you go beyond the 4 feet you will notice is unnecessary plus it can hinder the mobility of the lure.

You can start by using the trolling dead bait method. The ballyhoo is traditionally one of the favorites for applying this technique. You can start by rigging the bait with a 8/0 needle hook or a 10/0 depending on how big the bait is going to be. In addition you can use colored skirts over the bait. Four lines should be good enough for the wahoo. Two riggers, two down riggers and a shotgun line will do the work. Ideally trolling between 6 to 8 knots makes it even easier.

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