Vaccinations - Punta Cana

by Jackie

Are there any specific shots we need before coming?


Hello Jackie,

You don't need any specific vaccines for going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, however, is still important to consult with your healthcare provider before traveling just to be on the safe side. Your doctor can determine if there is a certain vaccine you might need depending on your current health state, age, activities you plan to do and specific areas you plan to visit outside the resort.

One thing you can do to be absolutely sure is go to your doctor 6 weeks before your trip so you have enough time to get a vaccine if the doctor thinks is necessary.

The MMR vaccine is pretty standard and could be taken if immunization hasn’t been achieved.

One of the most common vaccines recommended for travelers is the one for Hepatitis A. This condition is caused by a virus and contamination may occur through water or food. The risk of actually getting this disease in Punta Cana is extremely low so this one is completely optional.

The Hepatitis B vaccine could be necessary but since this condition require the exchange of body fluids it is less likely to occur; of course that doesn’t mean is impossible to get it as accidents may happen.

Typhoid is a condition caused by bacteria. It is normally spread by consuming contaminated water or food. This type of condition can only appear in areas with poor hygiene so is not likely you will see it at a resort; if you plan to eat and drink away from the resort it may be necessary to get the vaccine.

Rabies is a tricky one, as there is a certain risk of it almost anywhere in the world. People that participate in a lot of outdoor activities are the ones that have an increased risk so is recommended for them to get the vaccine as street animals may attack and transmit the virus to them.

One of the typical concerns of travelers to the Dominican Republic is the malaria disease. This condition is spread though mosquitoes that are infected with the parasite. Regardless of what have been said, travelers that been to Punta Cana very rarely get infected with the condition. In any case if you really want to apply all preventive measures; you can take an anti malaria drugs to Punta Cana (be sure you have enough for the entire stay), you can also use a mosquito repellent to decrease the chances of mosquito bites plus wearing long pants and shirts with sleeves at all times can be very helpful.

Other preventive measures against other possible conditions may include: not drinking tap water (including ice), washing your hands with antibacterial soap or if you don’t have soap get a hand sanitizer. If your stomach is sensitive eat meals that are not prepared with mayonnaise or that may contain sea food.

Check out these safety tips before traveling.

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