Tummy Troubles?

by Lisa Giordano

I am traveling to Punta Cana this April with my family. It is our first Dominican Republic vacation. We are very excited to visit this beautiful location, but are growing concerned about falling ill due to the food or beverages. We understand that we should only drink bottled water but I have read many reviews about travelers getting sick despite taking this precaution.

We will be staying at the Majestic Colonial all-inclusive resort. There has been an alarming number of reviewers who said that they had gotten sick. Have you heard about this problem with the Majestic Colonial? I've sent them an email addressing my concerns, but they did not respond.

My family and I only go on vacation about every three years, as we financially aren't able to travel every year. I'd be extremely upset if any of us became ill after looking forward to this trip for so long.

Do you have any advice?


Hello Lisa:

I'm sure that you and your family are counting the days left for your first vacation in the Dominican Republic. You are right, you shouldn't drink tap water as it is not very safe, so drinking bottled water is a very smart idea to keep hydrated while you're on the trip and if possible use it for brushing your teeth. You have to take into account that even if people drink only bottled water, that is definitely not the only thing they consume during their stay, unless they are fasting on their vacation.

A really big amount of people tend to eat way more than they do regularly because the food is already prepared (and included in the price), so you just have to call for room service or get out of the room to simply eat it. And since there is a wide variety of foods mostly in the buffet, everybody fills up the plate to the maximum with many meats, desserts, etc., and doing that too often could cause indigestion and other conditions; consequently weakening your immune system. On top of that at night most travelers get various drinks, without giving sufficient time for the body to rest a bit from all of the food that was eaten.

So if you want to keep your family and yourself in decent stomach shape, find things to eat that you normally would eat at home. Since you want additional prevention you can avoid: sea foods, mayonnaise, meats cooked “rare” (make sure that the meat is well cooked- wherever you eat). Is very important to eat fruit such as apple, papaya, etc. every day while being in Punta Cana.

The important thing is to keep a balance with the food, the fun and sleeping (resting well is essential to have energy during your vacation).

While it is true that some people have gotten sick while staying at the Majestic Colonial, it happens at other places too. And many of the times is not the resorts' lack of hygiene as they strive for higher quality standards for the satisfaction of their guests. Remember that the resorts want the people to come back, not to go away.

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