How to Choose a Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is often used for appropriate head and neck support while traveling. There are many styles, sizes and colors available on the market. Take your time before deciding which pillow you are going to get since it will probably be used for a long time while traveling by car or airplane to Punta Cana.

People frequently travel and when they arrive to their destination they want to feel relaxed and well rested. Another way a traveling pillow can help you is by making your resting time at the hotels more enjoyable. For that reason a pillow with the structure that fits how you sleep can be used to attain a correct posture for the head, neck, shoulders and back.

Many characteristics apply on selecting the right travel pillow: 

1- The first thing to take into consideration is does the pillow provide the necessary support for your neck? Some are firm while others are softer; when traveling on an airplane you surely want a pillow hard enough to keep your head and neck in place but with the necessary softness to get the appropriate comfort. As you stay in some hotels you may find uncomfortable pillows; that’s why bringing your own pillow that adjust to your specific needs can make a big difference in your Punta Cana trip.

2- Second you want a pillow that fits your neck perfectly. You don’t want to be in a 3 hour trip with the choking feeling on your neck. Keep in mind that airplane sits are not exactly the most comfy so the design of the pillow has to allow an adequate posture in order for you to sleep well.

3- Third you have to know how easy or hard is to wash your travel pillow. Its fabric makes a big difference. Some of them can be washed without much concern while others can take some real work to clean them. Before getting any pillow make sure the one you are interested in doesn’t hurt your hands when you try to wash it.

4- Fourth is important to know what other people think about the pillow you are considering to buy. Do a quick search and look for reviews of people that have used that kind of pillow. If the majority of people like it chances are you going to love it as well, of course you may not have the same taste as other people but is always good to know.

There are many different types of travel pillows; some of them you will probably like while others not so much. The important thing is to choose the one that suits your style and needs.

Types of pillows for traveling:

- Water pillow

This pillow is something else. It basically consists of 2 pillows with a bag that is filled with water between them. It can provide all the comfort you could ask by filling it with more or less water depending on your preference. The feeling it gives is quite similar to the one of the waters beds. They are ideal for those that love hard mattresses but want their head to have a soft resting area. One of its top benefits is how easily you can take it anywhere by just simply emptying the water and adding it again whenever you need it. You can get one for around $30 or maybe even cheaper if you search enough.

- Down pillow

This travel pillow is incredibly soft as it contains geese feathers. It has the classic appearance plus offers a fantastic support for your neck area. Some of the down pillows can be washed in a machine which simplifies the task of cleaning them significantly. A good quality one is easily obtained for $25.

- Lumbar pillow

The lumbar pillow as the word implies is not for your head or neck but for your back. Many people have back problems and this pillow is the ideal solution for them. As you may know the back is not flat but curved. The vertebral column has a slight “S” shape which is more noticeable at the lower part of the back. This travel pillow can do wonders for your back especially when you are sitting for hours on a plane. You can combine it with a pillow for your head to have maximum comfort. Even after you arrive to the hotel the pillow can help you sleep better. Most of them come with covers that can be washed in a machine which comes in handy. They can be quite economical as you can get one for $15; of course the quality may vary according to the price.

- Buckwheat Travel Pillow

This pillow made from buckwheat hulls is excellent for travelers and people that simply want a good night rest. The case is made from cotton, polyester or other fibers and it can be removed to be washed with ease. One of the main advantages of the pillow is that it permits the flow of air which cools down the body of the user; that is a feature you will definitely love during the summer. It is a bit heavier than other pillows but the comfort it can provide to your neck is worth it. You may find this type of pillow in all kinds of shapes like the L design to adjust the need of the people. Unlike other pillows a high quality buckwheat can last up to 20 years which is a very long life for a pillow. You can get a cheap one for around $15 but if you want the real good stuff it may cost from $35 and above.

- Inflatable travel pillow

This kind of pillow is very easy to carry. They come in a handful of diverse forms. Most of them inflate in just a matter of seconds. Their cost is quite cheaper compared to any other types of pillow. They are easy to clean and can fit anywhere considering that they can be inflated and deflated with almost no effort. Inflatable pillows can be used anywhere; while traveling on an airplane, on a car and even in a pool. Their versatility makes them an ideal accessory for a vacation. The price for this pillow type can go from $20 and up. There is no need to worry a $20 should be sufficient to cover your resting needs while traveling.

- Memory foam travel pillows

The material adjusts to the weight of the head and gives the neck support to give more comfort. Their shape is usually square with some contour curves on the middle. Most of them accommodate to the head and neck due to the heat of the body. Some of the pillows are fairly small and light making it very easy to carry them around for traveling. A downside would be that most of them are not machine washable and that is why having a cover is so important. Depending on the durability some of them can be found for approximately $20.

- Travel neck pillow

There are various features to consider when looking for the best neck pillow. Some of them are orthopedic, others even have aromatherapy properties. A common one is the U shaped travel pillow, which easily stays in the right place because of its slick form. It also helps maintain a proper alignment on your body. They are supposed to keep you from bending your neck, which is very likely to result in stiffness, after maintaining a bad posture when sleeping for a lengthy period of time. Some neck pillows are inflatable while others are made from memory foams. The inflatable ones are easier to carry; memory foam ones although a bit bulky tend to be more comfortable. It doesn’t matter if is memory foam or inflatable you can a neck pillow for around $15 without problem.

- Kids travel pillow

For the children you will find small ones just for the right size. As they are obviously smaller than adults, they need a pillow adequate for them. Remember that a pillow for a kid should be above all very comfortable. If your child is difficult to convince for sleeping; you should know that there are cozy ones in forms of animals, colorful patterns and cartoon characters' prints as well. Pillows for kids are not very costly and your kid is going to be very happy.

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