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When looking for new luggage bags for your Punta Cana vacation is essential for you to take many elements into consideration. The weight, durability, size and price are just some of the basic characteristics you have to pay attention when choosing your traveling bags. There are several types of bags you can use when traveling; of course depending on the location, the total time of the stay and the activities you want to do some of them are more suitable than others.

The immense majority of them will have several compartments like the superior and inferior parts or a strap to hold things in place. But don’t worry you will understand some interesting choices in luggage bags.

Different Bag Types:

- Duffel bags are known to be one of the preferred choices for travelers that are on a tight budget.

They can be very spacious (some of them have a capacity of approximately 34.3 gallons) and since they lack rigid parts is quite easier to fold and store them in narrow spaces than other luggage bags. Another advantage they posses is their lightweight which allows you to carry more items without having to pay extra fees from the airlines. The fabric of the bag is also very important. Good quality nylon fabrics are the way to go.

- High quality duffel bags tend to be way lighter than those of low quality. 

You can get a good strong duffel bag for around $35 to $50. One variation of this bag type is the wheeled duffel. They are normally bigger than the non wheeled ones but are way more rigid. They are perfect if you need to carry massive amount of clothes or special gear that take a lot of space. While typically more expensive than the traditional ones they are still quite useful. The price for a decent quality bag of this type can go from $50 to $100 or more.

- Among the travel luggage bags the suitcase is the classic alternative. 

This type of bag can hold a lot of items and have a plenty of room for a wide variety of clothing articles. They are made from different materials and can be soft or hard. The softer ones are lighter and can fit in smaller compartments. The solid frame of harder suitcases makes it ideal to withstand harsh treatment which is very useful for storing fragile items. Unfortunately their heavy weight can give your some problems when checking them at the airport. Some of them also include different pockets to arrange toiletries, medicines and other accessories you might need for your trip.

Duffel luggage bags are not the only ones with wheels. Suitcases may also come with retractable handles and wheels. These features are very useful especially with the really big ones like the 29 inch case. The wheels allow you to carry a heavy bag for long distances (like the ones found at the airport) without putting too much strain on your back. Like most bags you can find a decent suitcase for around $35 but if you love expensive brands some of them can go above $100.

- Garment bags are a must for travelers that don’t want creases on their clothes. 

They are usually pretty spacious to allow dresses or suits to remain unwrinkled.

- No luggage set is complete without the carry-on. 

Since this travel bag stays with you at all times it should contain the items you definitely don’t want to lose. Keep in mind that items stored at the carry-on are strictly regulated so avoid any liquids and other forbidden material. The size of this piece of luggage should be fairly small compared to the others. In most instances a carry-on luggage measuring 22” x 14” x 9” should be fine; of course the restrictions may vary depending on the airline so check beforehand. 

Getting one with strong wheels can come in handy especially if you got a lot of items in it. It should also be flexible to fit in small spaces like plane compartments but strong enough to not be torn apart with ease. If you can get a carry-on with many pockets is even better; you can even use them to store a laptop if necessary. You can obtain one durable of the carry-on luggage bags for $40 easily but they can go way higher.

Travel Bags Features:

Many luggage bags posses different features depending on the brand and the type of bag. The immense majority of them will have several compartments like the superior and inferior parts or a strap to hold things in place but don’t worry the extra features in the bags are going to make your traveling experiences more enjoyable.

PocketsLugagge bag with external pockets

Having a pocket in the exterior part of the luggage can be quite convenient and useful to put items you need to get out fast and easy like your passport and airplane tickets. Several compartments on the outer part of the luggage bags spread outward to make the whole dimensions of the bag bigger, so it can accumulate more items. Make sure that when expanded it will fit the size you need it to.

Removable compartments

If you know that your suitcases have compartments that can be removed, you can put in there small items like make up or some indispensable things like a hairbrush, deodorant, perfume, toothbrush and more; put them in the bag for travel, then up snap it again to take it to your Punta Cana resort's restroom for use.

Suit carriers

If it is absolutely necessary for you to travel with a couple of suits, consider getting a carry on with a suit carrier within it.

Waterproof feature

Most people agree that one fundamental part of any good vacation is to have fun in the water. It doesn’t matter if is on a beach or a pool in a resort, for many travelers the swimming part is a must to complete any decent vacation. Because of that is necessary that your luggage bags must have those waterproof compartments which are perfect to put the swimsuit after the last swim of your vacation. Remember that you cannot leave the swimsuit too long in there or that might create a mildew problem. Just be sure to take it out upon arrival at your destination.

One of the most effective uses for the waterproof part is to put items in there that contain liquids or any kind of lotion; like perfumes, shampoo, etc. A common practice that people do is to travel with a plastic bag to put items that could leak in there. If you are lucky enough for the suitcase to come with a waterproof section no plastic bag will be needed; you won’t have the problem of the plasticZipper bag getting lost.

Check the zippers

A very smart idea is getting a luggage bag with a "self repairing zipper". In recent times most of the zippers have changed from metal to nylon. Also, one of the most critical aspects is that you should make sure that the zipper pulls look and feel solid enough. 

It is very important that you remember to be careful with the zippers and don’t break them off or the luggage bags will become useless as they won’t open or close effectively. 

Zippers that lock themselves can come in handy as they release only when the zipper pull is used. That feature is pretty impressive as it can prevent a lot of unintended baggage opening.

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