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Travel insurance can make a big difference in your trips. Traveling can be really fun; that is of course until unexpected problems appear. Not many people like the idea of having to pay extra especially since airfare, hotel accommodations, souvenirs, food and other expenses can take a big toll on any budget.

The idea of having to pay a couple of extra bucks for something that might not be even necessary is not exactly appealing. Unfortunately even the most harmless trip can give you some not so pleasant surprises and the farther you are traveling from home the most imperative having travel insurance can become.

Why getting insurance?

No one likes having problems in their vacation but circumstances in life can be far from perfect. Many things that you can’t even imagine can go wrong in your trip; for that very reason is better to be safe than sorry.

Some typical but difficult situations that travelers may experience on a regular basis are:

1- You are ready to go to the airport but you suddenly start feeling sick and need to cancel the trip, what are you going to do about the money already paid?
2- You and your family have just arrived to Punta Cana and you realized your blood pressure medication is lost along with your bag. You are going to need some help in finding your bag and getting new medication fast. Who will be able to assist you?

3- You and your friends are relaxing in the Caribbean when the authorities inform you a severe storm is getting close and you need to get out of the area. Who is going to compensate you for the time lost in your vacation?
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4- You just arrived to a beach resort and you noticed your luggage is nowhere to be found. Who is going to help you find it or pay you to replace it if it can’t be found?

5- There is a safari excursion in the Dominican Republic and you are enjoying every moment of it when you see your wallet and passport are gone. Where are you going to get money and a new passport?

6- An accident has happened and the medical services near you are not good enough. Who will be able to help you to have better medical treatment?

7- The airline where you have reserved your tickets to Punta Cana has gone bankrupt. How can you get your money back? Who will take care of your travel arrangements?

8- Let's say is midnight and the connecting flight to your destination has been canceled. Who can get you a new flight without unnecessary expenditures?

9- You are having fun at a resort in the Caribbean and you get the flu. The cost of medical services at hotels can be very expensive and that’s without mentioning any hospitalization. Who will cover those insane fees?

The travel insurance can be quite helpful in all the previously mentioned situations. The money spent on the insurance is only a very small fraction of what you would have to pay to get out of any of problems you could encounter at your trip. Insurance is way cheaper than what most people think. Its price depends on many factors such as the amount of people traveling, their age, the cost and length of the trip, the destination and more.

A simple one trip coverage for 2 people can easily cost from 50 to a 100 dollars. 

That is a very small price to pay considering it can cover lost luggage, rental car damage, medical emergencies, trip cancellations and more. If you are a frequent traveler the annual coverage can be more economic alternative.

If you don't have any insurance a simple visit to the doctor can easily cost $100 and if you get hospitalized it can go from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars.  You will want to avoid those kinds of surprises especially if you are on vacation. Paying a little extra for your travel insurance can provide you the peace of mind needed for your trip.

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