Travel Gifts for the People at Home

When traveling to the Dominican Republic many think about travel gifts, things to see and do. You will find that you will return time and again to the country. Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and other places of the region portray the culture of its people.

One of the pastimes of vacationers is going shopping and there are diverse kinds of souvenirs that you can bring to your friends and family at home.

Decorative or scented candles are popular and you can easily find a number of natural scented candles for a very low price in nearly any marketplace or shopping area.

Dominican coffee is reputed to be some of the best of the Caribbean grown coffee beans and you will find that the rich flavor and low acidity of the ground coffee makes a perfect cup in the morning. The coffee can be found gourmet and organic as well. You can also get it in nearly every store and supermarket.

Other things that would make appropriate travel gifts are Dominican paintings, they tend to be very colorful; some depict typical country scenes, beaches, trees and also African heritage.

The country is well known for the faceless ceramic and clay dolls. These dolls are dressed in traditional outfits, as well as engaging in rural activities. They are the right cultural souvenirs to take home, as they symbolize the mixed ethnicity of the Dominican people.

The jewelry is different with its larimar and amber pieces being particular. Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic and the sea green stones are used to make various types of unique jewelry. The yellow amber is set in beautiful silver jewelry.

The price will vary according to the quality of the stones and the silver itself. Be aware when buying on the beach as some of the sellers may offer imitations rather than the real stones.

How to Spend Less on Punta Cana Souvenirs

When shopping for souvenirs in the Dominican Republic avoid wearing too much adornment. 

Also when going to a mall, wear more regular clothes as the locals rather than the usual swimwear, that way you will call less attention on sellers that may want you to buy overpriced souvenirs. Another thing to remember is that if you think the numbers are unreasonable then make sure that you bargain the prices.

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