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Travel Adapters for Punta Cana

Travel adapters are a traveler’s best friend. Imagine going to a foreign country to find out you can’t charge your cell phone or use any of the accessories that are essential for your staying. Anyone who's traveled has different electronic devices that they need to manage, from cell phones to laptops to hair dryers. In some instances wall sockets maybe not be exactly compatible with the electrical devices you carry. Some plugs are grounded while others are not. The grounded type offers the extra benefit that it can reduce the chances of any device from harming you in case of a surge.

Different countries use diverse voltages and in some cases different physical plugs for electricity. You have to remember that converters and adapters are 2 different things.

Adapters vs Converters

Travel adapters simply allow you to plug electronic devices into wall sockets. Many countries have different types of wall sockets so if you are from North America, for example, you are not going to be able to plug your devices into a European wall socket unless you have an adapter. Some of them have 3 circular pins, others have 3 square prongs and there are a huge number of combinations between them that are hard to imagine. Certain pins are so unusual that even seasoned travelers might get a bit surprised when they see them.

Travel adapters are great but they do not convert voltage so you can only use your electronics if they can handle the voltage or if you have a converter. Some people like to try if a device will work well without knowing the voltage of the country. That is a huge mistake that can be quite costly. Ignoring that fact will put all your valuable equipment at risk and even your own health. Accidents are quite possible and certain devices may burn or explode if the wrong voltage is used.

Many countries operate with different voltages. In North America the 110 V is quite common while in Europe 220 to 240 V is the norm. Before traveling is essential to check the voltage of all your electrical devices to make sure is compatible with the country’s voltage. If is not compatible or you are not sure taking the appropriate converter with you is a must.

Adapters you may need

One of the most efficient devices you can take to almost any country in the world is an universal adapter. Universal travel adapters are a great asset as they can be used in American, European, African and even Asian countries. Universal adapters are a crafty alternative for travelers going through a vast number of countries. The usefulness is even more noticeable for frequent travelers that require to be prepared with adapters several times a year. Some adapters may have a built in converter; if can get your hands on them they can make your traveling experiences way more enjoyable.

Adapting to a country

In general, most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere use the same sort of plugs that the United States does, though voltages may differ. In the case of the Dominican Republic the plugs used are pretty much the same as in the United States with the same 110 V. In other words if you are traveling to the DR from Europe, Asia, Africa or another distant country you are pretty much going to need an adapter and a converter to use your electric equipment.

It's worth the trouble to get a voltage regulated adapter, even if the plug fits, just to avoid having a surge current damage an equipment.

In general, if the item does not have a built in AC adapter (like the power brick for a laptop), you're likely going to need a power adapter for it. AC travel adapters will usually smooth out power fluctuations and do surge suppression as part of their recharging duties.

Punta Cana Power Outlets

USA standard plug

If you're traveling to the Dominican Republic from an European country then you'll definitely need an adapter. Many European countries use a four prong grounded plug design. Also the physical connection parts are not inter-operable between them and the US standard two or three prong outlet that the Dominican Republic uses.

Particularly "difficult" are the: Russian, British, and South African designs, all of which are virtually unheard of outside of their own country of origin.

If you're concerned about voltage in general, consider bringing along a commercial multi-outlet surge suppressor, much like you would use at home.

This is good advice as resorts' rooms rarely have enough outlets to cover all of your needs. At the low end of the mix are the wall-wart plug adapters that change the pin outs so that you can attach them on your electrical power cord and then put them on the appropriate socket.

On the other side, at the higher end of the market, there are rather intricate devices that have multiple prongs and sockets and switches so that you can adjust your plug in travel adapters needs to nearly any locale in the world with just one device.

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