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When mentioning top honeymoon destinations most people have in their minds a vision of the Caribbean. The thought of a beautiful ocean view at the moment you wake up is something that attracts many tourists to the region.

The Dominican Republic is a frequently visited place, particularly by newlyweds. Many get married there; others travel so that they can be able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and different activities to do in the country. After handling the stress a wedding can cause, a tropical escape is something couples looks forward to.

What exactly makes this country an attractive spot as a honeymoon destination? The answer could lie in the warm weather, the hospitality of the people and the atmosphere. All of these are elements that characterize the region which makes it an ideal place for the honeymoon.

The top honeymoon destinations in the Dominican Republic:

Punta Cana

This is most likely to be the number one spot for honeymoon getaways on the island; it is situated at the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic. This area encompasses approximately 30 miles of ivory white sand with crystal clear waters. El Cortecito, Macao Beach, Bavaro Beach and Arena Gorda are just a sample of the amazing beaches that can be found in Punta Cana. All of them are beautiful and serene; perfect to spend a relaxing day with your new partner for life.

If you are looking for excitement at one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Dominican Republic you and your new spouse can be part of an excursion to snorkel or scuba dive at the coral reef near the shore. Contemplating the exotic marine life of Punta Cana as a married couple can be a new bonding experience for the newlyweds. Helicopter tours can be arranged to admire the marvelous natural beauty of this paradise. A trip to the Manati Park is a very rewarding experience with jumping dolphins, exuberant wildlife and even parrots shows.

In Punta Cana there are countless all inclusive resorts offering services and diverse amenities at a very decent price. Adult only all inclusive resorts are very popular among recently married couples. They can get all the comfort and tranquility desired without spending much. The secrets excellence resort for example is one of the top all inclusive resorts in the area. They have excellence food, service, accommodations and the perfect atmosphere to be part of one of the top honeymoon destinations.

There are other distinct excursions and activities to participate. You will see various golf courses and shopping centers as well.

Nearest airport: Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)

La Romana

The region encompasses more of a countryside scenery with green and river views. It has just a few beach resorts if you compare it to for example Punta Cana. It is mostly known for its popular golf courses designed by famous players of the sport. Casa de Campo seems to be the ultimate resort for golf lovers in La Romana, since it has more than one course on the complex where championships have taken place.

Anyone staying at La Romana must visit the area of Bayahibe. This town is very well known for its high quality beaches and magnificent tours. The excursion to Saona Island is good enough to be part of the top honeymoon destinations. The island of Saona is very close to Bayahibe and is an authentic tropical paradise. Its crystal clear waters are like nothing you have ever seen. Few things can be more romantic than joining your spouse in a scuba diving exploration toward the depths of the alluring waters near this piece of paradise.

Isla Catalina is another amazing area to share with your partner. Located just at 5 miles of La Romana; the tiny island serves a natural reserve for a wide variety of wildlife. The reefs close to the island provide the perfect environment to join your spouse in a snorkeling experience to witness one of the most diverse ecological systems.

Another popular place that is part of the top honeymoon destinations is Altos de Chavon in La Romana. This is a small community designed to be very similar to the villages in the southern area of Europe. The area is simply astonishing with lots of galleries and crafts workshops. The architecture of the buildings goes beyond words. There is a small church called St Stanislaus where a great number of weddings take place; not many romantic areas can match what Altos the Chavon has to offer. The Amphitheater of the town has been very popular in attracting famous performers such as Frank Sinatra and even the Group Aventura in more recent years.

Nearest airport: La Romana International Airport (LRM)

Santo Domingo

It is the capital of the Dominican Republic and probably the busiest area in the country. The city is located at the middle south part of the country. Santo Domingo has a lot to offer as a romantic spot; making it one of the top honeymoon destinations. You can find in the city several hotels where you and your significant other can stay and have the time of your lives. Among the preferred places are the Hotel Atarazana and the Hotel Palacio.

They are both incredible places with modern decoration fantastic cozy rooms. Probably the most interesting place to visit there is the Colonial Zone with the oldest historic buildings; encompassing churches and even a palace. If you're a couple that appreciates culture there are several museums to appreciate the development of the nation throughout time. Just as you would expect, there is a huge variety of places to do your shopping.

There is nothing like a little adventure to get the honeymoon going. “Los tres Ojos” is an interesting cavern located close to the town. The overall depth is close to 50 feet and its surroundings are just breathtaking making a tour to this cave a must.

None of the top honeymoon destinations are complete without a nice relaxing beach. One of the top beaches near Santo Domingo is the Boca Chica beach. It can be found 20 miles east of the city and is very popular for its beautiful sand and serene waters. There is a reef nearby making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The best time to visit the beach if you want to have a peaceful time is during the week as weekends tend to get crowded with the locals. Another beach located 8 miles to the east of Boca Chica can be found in Guayacanes. This beach is quite similar to the one of Boca Chica but with less people. You can find several restaurants nearby to grab a bite if you wish to do so.

Nearest airport: Las Americas International Airport (SDQ)

Puerto Plata

If you are a couple that likes extreme water sports, among the top honeymoon destinations Puerto Plata is your ideal match. You will find diverse beach resorts and hotels in the shoreline area, especially in Playa Dorada. The BlueBay Villas Doradas  and Casa Colonial Beach and Spa are excellent adult only resorts where newlyweds can enjoy the finest accommodations and the peace they deserve. At the north coast you can go to Long Beach, Playa Dorada, Boca de Cangrejo, Mariposa beach, Cano Grande and Guarapitao Beach.

Besides laying down at the lounges in the beach and bathe in the revitalizing waters; couples can also visit Ocean World Adventure Park Marina and Casino. The place can be found in Cofresi Beach and you can play with dolphins, sea lions, see dancing shows, play at the casino and even dance at the disco. That’s one of the reasons why Puerto Plata is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Dominican Republic.
You can also take the Cable car tours to the top of Mount Isabel (over 2555 feet over the sea). If you are curious about the countryside; no need to worry you can always go the Safari excursions to see rivers, sugar cane fields and experience as a couple the true wonders of nature.

Take advantage of the nearby town of Cabarete to enjoy surfing or take classes if both of you are beginners; either way is an engaging and unique experience to have in your trip. Windsurfing and scuba diving with your partner is something that both will treasure for the rest of your lives.

Nearest airport: Gregorio Luperon International Airport (POP)

At any of the top honeymoon destinations you choose for your honeymoon, the goal is to have a lot of fun while spending time with your other half.

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