Among the Top Beaches of the World

The area of Punta Cana is known to be one of the top beaches of the world amidst countless travelers. Punta Cana can be found on the southeast part of the Dominican Republic.

The country is the second largest island on the Caribbean. Many tourists find the Dominican Republic to be interesting. The tropical climate offers an atmosphere which further enhances the aesthetic of the beaches on the island. There are many reasons as why people consider the beaches around the island to be among the top 10 beaches in the world.

Why are the Punta Cana beaches so unique?

Punta Cana - top beaches of the worldThe beaches around Punta Cana are something else, but what exactly qualifies them to be among the top beaches of the world? The first thing to take into consideration is the location of the beach.

The access to the beach is quite important; some beaches in different parts of the world are very good looking but getting to them can be quite a hassle that is especially true if you are traveling with your family. You don’t want to get lost in an unknown place with your children. Punta Cana has beaches that can be found quite easily.

Most of the beaches are directly in front of the resorts that stretch along the east coast of the Dominican Republic while others are the preferred spots of several excursions that are offered by most resorts.

If you must have privacy and seclusion on one of the top beaches of the world, no problem there are several resorts like the Majestic

Elegance and the Paradisus Palma Real Punta Cana that offer their guests the alternative to be a VIP member which entitles them to have a private area on the beach for the entire stay plus waiters that are going to attend your every need while you relax under the sun.

The sand on the beaches of Punta Cana is simply breathtaking. If you love snow white sands on a beach; Punta Cana is the place you are looking for. Miles and miles of the most magnificent sand you have ever contemplated give the Punta Cana beaches are well deserved spot among the top beaches of the world. The algae are typically not a problem; the staff at the resorts is very diligent in taking care of them to keep the beach as clean as possible.

The fact that the crystal clear waters near Punta Cana are very calm and tranquil is not a coincidence. 

There is a very large reef that stretches for a significant part of the coast of Punta Cana which is responsible for keeping one of the top beaches of the world from receiving high surf by breaking most of the waves that try to approach the coastal area. That is the main reason why the waters are mostly calmed making them perfect for several water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. The reef is also the ideal spot for all snorkeling fans. 

There are several excursions available for all those that want to enjoy the beauty under the sea. The wide variety of marine life that can be found near the reef will take your breath away.

One gaze at the view of the ocean and you will want to stay forever. The waters at the beach are so beautiful and serene that truly represents the definition of a tropical paradise.

Catalina and Saona - Top beaches of the world candidates

You can also find a couple of astonishing beaches in two small islands very close to Punta Cana. Saona Island and Isla Catalina are very close to the south coast of the Dominican Republic. These small islands are well known for their natural beauty and their ecological preservation. Many excursions are organized regularly to travel to these amazing places. The beaches on the islands are astounding enough to be considered among the top beaches of the world.

The waters near them are the location of well known shipwrecks that have become over the time part of several coral reefs which are home to several fish species. Visiting these islands is a must for all Punta Cana visitors. 

Isla Saona beach
Finding waters that are more transparent and crystal clear than the ones there is quite a difficult task. 

Since they are protected areas almost no construction has been done near them, which preserves the natural state of the sands and the cleanliness of the waters.

Beaches and all inclusive resorts

Another of the reasons for making the Punta Cana beaches among the top beaches of the world is their proximity to some of the top all inclusive resorts of the world.

The Excellence Punta Cana is one of the top romantic spots in the area. This adult only resort located at approximately 35 miles from the Punta Cana International Airport is ideal for all those that just want to relax and enjoy the beach scenery without any hassle. You can dine at any of the 8 gourmet restaurants without the need for a reservation plus there is always the casino and the disco to have a good time. Water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving are ideal to experience thanks to the astounding clarity of waters belonging to one of the top beaches of the world.

The Club Med is another all inclusive magnificent resort overlooking the always breathtaking beaches of Punta Cana. This is the place to take the whole family for an unforgettable beach vacation. There several mini clubs in these resort to keep busy children of all ages. From babies to teenagers they are all going to have plenty of fun things to do while allowing the adults to enjoy the resort in their own way. You can take on windsurfing and sailing if you are up for the challenge plus the alternative to just chill at one of the top beaches of the world is always present.

The Riu Complex is another choice to consider when looking spending some quality time at beaches in Punta Cana. This complex consists of 5 resorts with different levels of luxury. The main benefit for staying at the resorts in the complex is the sharing of the facilities with other resorts. Depending on which resort you stay you can visit the beach, pools and snack bars all around the complex or if there is a specific activity that captures your interest at any of the other resorts you can always drop by. A major benefit from staying at this complex is the fact that you can enjoy a very long stretch of beach due to the connected shorelines of all the Riu’s together, creating indeed one of the top beaches of the world.

Casa de Campo in La Romana which is very close to the area of Punta Cana offers a luxurious experience very hard to compete with. You can kayak with your family and friend through the turquoise waters of Las minitas beach or if you enjoy fishing choose a charter and experience world class fishing at its best. The resort is also well known to be the vacation place of many celebrities.

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