Swimming with dolphins in Punta Cana?

We will be visiting from February 7 to 10 and would like to know if there is a place that our kids can swim with dolphins?


There are several places where your kids can swim with dolphins in Punta Cana. After the check-in at the resort some guides will be offering the tours available, including several where you can swim with the dolphins or you can ask on the reception desk if you have any doubt.

One of the areas where you can swim with dolphins is the Manati Park. This park is a natural environment where you can find many kinds of plants and animals. There are several shows that are available like one with parrots and of course one with dolphins. The dolphin show allows you to be a simple spectator if you want or go for it and be with the dolphins. Most of the time they will do tricks around you and at some point you may get the chance of getting a ride with them.

The dolphin explorer tour is another great alternative for those that want to have an unforgettable time with the dolphins. In the tour you can choose between several different packages depending on your swimming skills and how much interaction you want. There is the funtastic program where you can be with dolphins for 30 minutes and cost around $109 per person.

The explorer package is also pretty decent as you can have a good time with the dolphins for 30 minutes. You can hold hands with them, learn how to make them do tricks plus the always popular gliding over the ocean surface trick. This package goes for around $139 per person.

The most interesting of the packages is the excellence one. In this one you can play around with the dolphins for 45 minutes, you can be with them while they perform tricks over you and you can literally take a ride with them as you put your feet over the water surface and enjoy the ride as you are propelled at an incredible speed. This package is a bit more expensive as the price goes around $169 per person. Keep in mind that in order to enjoy the gliding over the water trick you must have some skill as a swimmer.

You could also swim with dolphins at the Ocean World in the region of Puerto Plata, some hours away.

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