Swimming Goggles

Normally swimming goggles are used to protect the eyes from the water. Each clear lens traps a tiny air bubble between the person's face and the lens. That prevents any irritant particles from inflaming the eyes.

Most people will think that they are merely worn to see more clearly underwater. In reality, they actually protect the eyes from countless aquatic bacteria and organisms which can temporarily or permanently damage the eyes or eyesight.

In earlier times the goggles made quite an impact on the swimmers, as a lot of records that year were broken. Persians probably first used some polished tortoise shells as protection for their eyes. Homemade kinds began emerging in the 60's. There are wide variety of good quality and affordable goggles.

Best goggles for adults

Silicone gasket ones seal very tight around a swimmer's eyes and are preferred by swimmers with smaller faces. Swedish goggles have a classic and very simple style. They tend to be used in many competitions around the world. These come in different colors and prices, the common ones are regularly cheap. Foam gasket goggles have big lenses compared to the Swedish ones.

Kids swimming goggles are designed specifically for a child, so that there will be no fumbling around when trying to put on an adult sized goggle.

Like sunglasses, there is a diverse range of styles, tints, lens shapes and price when it comes to a child's goggles. When choosing goggles for children is important to look for hypoallergenic materials and durability. There are also colorful designs with animal shapes all around the frames of the lens.

If contacts are worn, you should talk about it with an optometrist because prescription swimming goggles should be considered rather than just regular ones.

Wearing contacts while swimming could result in severe eye infections. The contact lenses will not prevent water from getting into the eyes and as a result a severe infection could flare up with any little bit of water that gets trapped inside.

Goggles ideally should have anti fog coating, UV protection, shatterproof lenses and aside from that double head strap frames for comfort and eye protection during wear.

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