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Spanish jokes are very popular among the people in Punta Cana. Dominicans have an amazing sense of humor and is clearly evident in their jokes. Some of the jokes are easy to get while others are simply a bit hard to understand.

One of the things about the jokes is that you can use them to learn some Spanish while you are having fun. A detail that you must keep in mind is that not all Spanish speaking people talk the same way.

Depending on the country and even the region they might change some of the syllables for the same word.

Even in the northern part of the Dominican Republic they speak slightly different than is southern counterpart. In the southern area they tend to substitute the r letter for the L and in the northern part is more common to change the r for an i.

1- One common joke is the following: A policeman stops a person and say: “Hey, give me your name!” and the person answers: “then what would I call myself?!”.

- The way of saying the joke in Spanish language would be like this: Un policía detiene a una persona caminando y le dice “deme su nombre!, la persona le contesta: “¡¿entonces cómo me voy a llamar yo?!”.

2- Another of the multiple Spanish jokes is the next one: Juan visits a doctor. Juan says: “doctor, I’m seeing pink elephants everywhere” then the doctor says “have you seen a psychologist yet?” Juan answers: “no, just pink elephants”.

- In Spanish the joke goes like this: Juan visita a un doctor. Juan dice: “doctor estoy viendo elefantes rosas por todos lados”, el doctor le dice: “¿haz visto algún psicólogo? Juan contesta: “no, sólo elefantes rosas”.

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3- An example of one of the Spanish jokes goes like this: Carlos visits a doctor. The doctor asks: what brought you here Carlos? Carlos answer: “the ambulance”.

- In Spanish would be: Carlos visita a un doctor. El doctor le pregunta: “¿Carlos que te trae por aquí? Carlos contesta: “la ambulancia”.

4- Some of the funny Spanish jokes can a bit longer like this one: a Doctor calls his patient named José. He says to José: “I have good news and bad news for you”. José asks: “What are the good news?” The doctor says “The analysis from the lab indicates that you have 24 hours to live” José says: “Are those the good news? Then what are the bad news? The doctor answers: “I have been trying to reach you since yesterday”.

- In the Spanish language is something like: el doctor llama a su paciente llamado José, el doctor le dice: “Tengo buenas y malas noticias para ti”. José le pregunta: “¿Cuáles son las buenas noticias?”. El doctor le contesta: “Los análisis del laboratorio indican que tiene 24 horas de vida”. José le dice: “¿Esas son las buenas noticias? ¿Entonces cuáles son la malas? El doctor le contesta: “He estado tratando de encontrarte desde ayer”.

Some jokes are very difficult to translate due to the nature of the language. 

5- A typical example goes as follows. Un hombre se levantó por la mañana y se dió cuenta que estaba cubierto de pelos. Fue donde el doctor y le dijo: “Por favor doctor que padezco?” Entonces el doctor le dijo “padeces un oso”.  

In English: A man woke up in the morning and noticed that he was covered by hairs. He went to the doctor and said: "Please doctor what do I suffer from?" Then the doctor told him "you suffer a bear".

Note: parecer = look like
        yo parezco = I look like
        padecer = suffer from 
        yo padezco = I suffer from

The point of the joke is that the doctor believes that his patient can't pronounce "parezco" and misinterprets the right word: "padezco" for "parezco".

And then answers back using the believed mispronunciation.

6- Another would go: Una persona le pregunta a otra: “que hace el pez?” y el otro le contesta: “nada”. 

In English: A person asks another: "what is the fish doing?" and the other one answers: "nothing". 

Note: the verb swim = nadar in Spanish 

He/it swims = El nada

and the word nada also means nothing in the Spanish language.

Spanish jokes are a great way for Dominicans to express themselves, so before going to your vacation in Punta Cana take a bit of time to learn some of them; it might make your experience more enjoyable.

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