Snorkeling Tips

Here are some snorkeling tips for your next vacation

A great activity to do in Punta Cana is to go snorkeling. The main advantage of snorkeling is that everybody in your family can do it. It does not require any kind of certification.

Next we have 3 useful tips that you must have in mind at all times:

Tip# 1 - Make sure that your equipment fits you

You need to find a mask that actually fits your face and doesn't let air out (not even a little). Mask for snorkeling

Remember that water can get inside of it, so be careful. Try to use some lip balm or sunscreen to create a "seal" between the skin of your face and the snorkeling mask. 

Another of the snorkeling tips, is that when you are looking for fins don't buy gigantic ones. Make sure that they are like 1 to 2 times bigger than your actual foot size. Later when you feel more comfortable snorkeling, then you can use larger fins.

Tip# 2 - Don't exhaust yourself

As you may know snorkeling is a fantastic way to understand and enjoy the sea. But you also need to understand limits, for example: your real swimming distance. Go swimming as far as you know that you can come back to without any problems.

Many snorkelers face exhaustion and dehydration. This occurs because they push the limit of their bodies too much. Always be perceptive of the area that you are in. Try to remember something that you can easily distinguish to know in which direction you should swim when you go back (that is if you are not going to be very near of the shore).

Tip# 3 - Never go alone

Even if you consider yourself an independent and adventurous traveler is better if you go with someone else. Nobody knows what unpredictable things may happen. Think of it this way: if something bad happens you have somebody to help you. And if everything goes perfectly, you will have a person to share an awesome experience with.

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