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The segway Punta Cana tour is one of those excursions that will make your day. The first question in your mind could be, what is a segway anyway? First of all, a segway is a personal transportation vehicle. It is composed of a small platform with two wheels and two handlebars.

The platform is located at the bottom and it is where the user stands to operate the device. This vehicle is a lot of fun to use. It has an electric battery to power the machine and has a mechanism that allows it to balance itself, so you don’t have to worry about falling, like you would on a bike. It can move to a fair speed of 12.5 mph, so you can have a great time by riding it on the tour.

Getting Ready for your Segway Adventure

1. Camera - This is a must to bring, especially since you will want to capture all the astounding sceneries for all your family members and friends to see. It’s almost pointless going to such an amazing experience if you aren’t going to record it. Keep in mind that you can only take pictures at the stops and not while driving the segway.

2. Swimwear - Some of the People in a segway tourstops will provide you the ideal opportunity to swim and refresh yourself. The first one is at the stunning Serena Beach where you can take your time contemplating the beauty of the Caribbean. Next, are the crystal clear waters of the lagoons located at the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve. Swimming in the fresh water, while admiring the lush vegetation and the natural surroundings is an experience you will never forget.

3. Towel - Yeah, if you are swimming you need it (letting the sun dry you might take a while).

4. Sunglasses - It will be easier to appreciate the beauty with them. Sightseeing is a little harder when you have the sun all over your eyes.

5. Sunscreen - You basically need it for every outdoor activity, the segway Punta Cana tour is no exception. The sun shines all day long and you could get a major sunburn if you don’t protect yourself.

6. Backpack - You are going to treat this item like your best friend. The backpack allows you to carry all the important items (camera, towel, swimsuit, etc.), while letting you drive without distractions. It also provides protection against rain.

7. Cash - Bring it always with you. You don’t know when you are going to find something interesting to bring home.


The segway is pretty safe. You don’t have to worry about falling as it balances itself and pretty much anyone can do it. Woman in a segway

Of course, that doesn’t mean is impossible to have an accident on it, but as long as you follow the proper precautions there won’t be any problem. 

Please refrain from trying acrobatics stunts on it, as you will probably get hurt. Pregnant women and small children are not allowed to drive a segway, but they can tag along in an electric golf cart.

What will you find on your segway Punta Cana Tour?

The trip starts at the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation with a mouth watering cocktail, once there, you will be taught how to properly drive a segway. As soon as you are ready, you will ride to see several greenhouses, take notes on how apiculturists handle bee farms and see for yourself the cultivation process of sugarcane fields.

In addition, you will pass through the well maintained grounds of the Punta Cana Hotel and its world class golf course La Cana. Further ahead, you will encounter the luxurious Tortuga Bay Hotel decorated by the renowned designer Oscar de la Renta.  You won’t believe the beauty of the water as the tour stops at Serena beach. This is the moment where you take out your swimsuit and rejoice in the refreshing waters of Punta Cana. Of course, if you prefer, you can just lie down on the snow white sand and take a revitalizing sunbath. Before resuming the tour, take as many pictures as you like.

The next stop is at the Indigenous Ecological Reserve. See the Dominican flora and fauna in all its glory. 

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park Reserve in Punta CanaYou won’t believe your eyes as you glare the natural lagoons filled with the crystal clear water. 

At this point you can pretty much relax and jump in to the natural pool. On top of that you can feed rhinoceros iguanas, which are native of the Dominican Republic.

Choose any Tour that you Like

There a few companies providing the segway Punta Cana tour experience:

Gray Line DR:

Price: They offer a segway tour for 79 USD per person. You can also choose the VIP version of it with a private guide for 109 USD per person. 

Time: The tour can be taken in the morning or the afternoon. In other words, you just choose any time that is convenient for you and go with it. The tour takes around 2:30 hours so it won’t be time consuming leaving you plenty of time to schedule other activities if you wish to do so.

You may be wondering what is included in the tour. Well, you will be taking a segway for a spin, a protection helmet (safety always goes first), your first segway lesson (no need for anxiety attacks as it is way easier than a bicycle) and as soon as you get thirsty there is going to be bottled water for you.

Contact info for Gray Line DR:

Phone: 1 800-468-6517

Punta Cana Tours:

Price: The price for this segway excursion is $85.00 per person and is available every day. It doesn’t matter if you want to take the tour in the morning or the afternoon as you can always choose the time that suits you better. 

Time: The duration of the tour is approximately 4 hours.

What else will you get? For starters, you are going to get taught a quick segway lesson. It is easy to learn and you will have a joyful time, while you do it. A professional guide will take to direct you through a championship golf course, mesmerizing lagoons, an alluring beach and much more. If you get fatigued, don’t worry, refreshments are included.

Contact info for Punta Cana Tours:

Phone: +1 809-552-6862 or toll free 844-DR-TOURS
Address: Caribbean Dream, Gran Plaza Friusa, Friusa Business Center #8, Bavaro, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

It doesn't matter which company you choose, you are going to have the time of your life at the segway Punta Cana tour.

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