Santo Domingo Airport

The Santo Domingo Airport is one of the most important airports in the Dominican Republic. It can be found near the south coast and is very close to the city of Santo Domingo and the town of Boca Chica. The airport known as the Las Americas International Airport is located 20 minutes away from the capital city of Santo Domingo and is run by a private company called “Aeropuertos Dominicanos” or (AERODOM). This company is also in charge of several other important airports in the country.

Santo Domingo Flights

The Santo Domingo Airport receives a good number of the international flights that arrive at the Dominican Republic. The flights are often originated from United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Venezuela, Jamaica, Panama, Spain, France and Netherlands. However, the airport is not the only one that receives international flights in the Dominican Republic.

The Cibao International Airport, the Punta Cana International Airport, La Isabela International Airport, Samana International Airport and La Romana International Airport are airports that receive flights from other countries as well. Among them the Punta Cana airport is known to carry the most flights in the whole country.

History of the Airport

The Santo Domingo Airport is not only the biggest airport in the Dominican Republic but also the oldest one. In recent years the name of the airport was changed from “Aeropuerto Las Americas” to “Aeropuerto Internacional Las Americas-Jose Francisco Peña Gomez”. It is still very rare for the airport to be called by its official name instead most people refer to it by “Las Americas” or “Las Americas International Airport”. In the history of the airport of Santo Domingo there have been some accidents like in most airports around the world. The one that occurred in 1970 was the most disastrous one. Fortunately in recent history with the technological advances; most of the possible airplane problems can be corrected.

Airport Amenities

There are 2 terminals at the Santo Domingo Airport: one to the north and one to the south. The first and oldest terminal (A) has 7 gates while the newest one; terminal (B) has 5 gates. 

The Las Americas International airport is well equipped with several facilities to provide visitors with a better traveling experience. Some of the amenities that can be found at the airport are: WIFI internet, public phones, post office, ATM machines and a currency exchange center. The airport is also prepared with restaurants, bars, souvenir stores, area for children to play, smoking section and bathrooms. The majority of the restaurants are open only until 7:00 pm.

The facilities at the Santo Domingo Airport are also prepared for the handicapped. Ramps, well adapted bathrooms and wheelchairs are available to suit the needs of the passengers.

Parking at the airport

Depending on the length of the trip; the airport offer parking spaces to provide security for the passenger’s cars. The Santo Domingo airport has a pretty decent parking capacity. The amount of spaces available exceeds the1500 spots. The price for leaving your car at the airport is fairly decent; only $7.00 for the first day and $3.00 every day after that. If you are leaving the car for only a couple of hours; the rate is $1.00 for the first hour and $0.60 for every hour after the first one.

From the airport to Santo Domingo

The Santo Domingo Airport is connected to the Avenue 27 de febrero which is located in the city of Santo Domingo through an express way that passes through a bridge which is also connected to a tunnel complex.

Another way to get to the city from the airport is by traveling through a floating bridge that overlooks the Ozama River. This bridge is linked to the Ave. George Washington which goes right into the city.

Transportation to the city

There are several transportation services that run between the airport and the city. Among the most popular ways to move from the airport to the city you can find the, tour busses, tourist taxis and car rentals.

- Tour busses are easily the most frequent way of transportation used by visitors at the Santo Domingo Airport. They can be arranged to wait at the airport through a tour operator and are normally used for large groups traveling to specific resort.

- The tourist taxi is another popular alternative among all visitors; they are available 24 hours a day and can be found near the airport and very close to most hotels. You can also call them from the airport if necessary.

Tourist taxi drivers have a lot of knowledge of the major destinations in the Dominican Republic so consulting them about any doubts you might have is a good idea. These taxi drivers are very fast and efficient but they can also charge quite a bit. They normally charge a fixed rate according to the destination so is important to ask them how much is going to be before you sit. A trip from the Santo Domingo Airport to the city can cost approximately from 25 to 30 USD. Keep in mind that taxis belonging to the Tourist taxi association will be more expensive but on the other hand you are going to be safer.

- Renting a car is an awesome choice for all the ones that enjoy some adventuring. You can rent a car at several spots like the airport, hotels and other areas in the city. Many companies offer very high quality rentals for very low prices. Some of them are: Alamo, Avis, Europcar, Sixt, zoom and National car rental. The price for renting a car varies a lot but in general you can get a compact car for as low as $20 to $25 per day. Bigger and more luxurious cars will have a higher price tag going up to approximately $150 per day or more.

You can reserve a rental before taking your trip if you don’t like waiting at the Santo Domingo Airport. Before getting a rental you need to be 21 years old or older, must have a valid driver’s license and a credit card. Getting extra insurance is always good to have before renting a car. Driving around Santo Domingo is no pushover. The roads can be in rough conditions plus you have to pay attention to the speed limit (usually 35 to 60 mph) and the other drivers.

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