Which are the Most Charming Punta Cana Flowers for Weddings?

Rose, daisies bouquet

Picking the right Punta Cana flowers for weddings is tough. Depending on your choice, the day you have been waiting for your entire life could be either bland or full of relished memories. Flowers have a strong influence on the mood of your celebration, and you should be careful with the type, color, and scent you desire.

By choosing a destination wedding in Punta Cana, you have taken the first step towards a wedding that is fun, romantic and memorable. Now, I have taken the liberty to point out a few flowers that will help you get the most out of your awaited ceremony.

7 Flowers you will Want for your Wedding in Punta Cana:

1- Roses

Who doesn't love roses? The flowers of the Genus Rosa are a must in almost every wedding. With hundreds of varieties available, you can mix and match until you get the look you are looking for. They have a rather strong aroma, and even as buds, they are appealing for making flower arrangements.

You can find them in a variety of colors: pink, red, lavender, green, white, yellow, and even orange. Rainbow, blue, and black roses, which you might have seen at some point, are the result of using dyed water over the white variety.

Roses with vibrant pink border

The best part about roses is that each type has a different meaning, which can make your special day even better. (source)

- Red roses are universally known for expressing deep love. Desire, longing, and devotion are also feelings conveyed through them. You might be wondering, why are they often sold in dozens? Well, believe it or not, 12 roses have a very specific meaning, which is something like “ be mine.”

- Nothing expresses desire and passion like orange roses. In addition to being more tropical friendly (making it ideal for Punta Cana), the orange rose sets the tone for a marriage that will remain ignited for years to come.

- What about white roses? Although often symbolizing innocence and purity, they also carry the meaning of new beginnings. Sprinkling their petals all over the aisle, or using them as part of your bouquet and centerpieces in the reception is the perfect starting point for the newlyweds.

- Yellow roses evoke the feelings of caring, joy, and warmth. Although rarely used by themselves in romantic settings, they are often mixed with red and white varieties to provide a more cheerful atmosphere.

- Sweetness, gratitude, and elegance are what pink roses are all about. The emotions conveyed through them aren't as intense as the ones of the red roses, but they have a soothing aura around them making the pink variety ideal for any romantic stage.

- While it is less intense than red or orange, the lavender rose is more about the tenderness of “love at first sight.” If its shade is closer to purple, you can use it for a more elegant and majestic approach (like a royal wedding!).

- Can you use green roses at a wedding? Sure you can. They are used to signify a new life of harmony and prosperity for the bride and groom. When mixed with other varieties, they enhance the tropical atmosphere of any Caribbean setting.

In the following video, you can appreciate how the appropriate flowers can enhance your wedding in Punta Cana:

2- Sunflowers

Like roses, sunflowers are an essential part of any wedding. (reference) These flowers of the Genus Helianthus are known to shift the direction they face throughout the day, following the rise and set of the sun. One interesting fact is not that all of them are yellow as some have light-shaded red petals.


Sunflowers also thrive in tropical climates such as the one in the Dominican Republic, so you won't have to worry about their availability.

Unsurprisingly, the meaning of the flower is tied to the sun. Symbolizing happiness, strength, positivity, long life, and dedicated love, the flower is an excellent addition to centerpieces and other decorations during your special day.

3- Orchids

Not many flowers are as elegant and glamorous as orchids. (resource) With over 20,000 species, you can be certain that at least one of them needs to present at your wedding in Punta Cana. Not only do they come in different colors such as red, pink, white, and purple but also have strong fragrances that will lighten the mood on your day. The genus Phalaenopsis or moth orchids are known to have beautiful flowers that fit wonderfully well anywhere.

Orchids represent love, beauty, and fertility; however, depending on the color, you might express something else.

Red orchids symbolize passion, which are perfect to show the love between the couple. If expressing joy and happiness is what you are aiming for, the pink ones will do the trick.

Light purple orchids

White orchids show purity, elegance, and beauty. Using purple ones for your bouquet and centerpieces will overflow your wedding with a sense admiration, respect, and grandeur.

4- Lilies

The Lilium genus, which encompasses the true lilies, are a group of plants with captivating flowers and pleasant aroma. They come in white, yellow, orange, red, and purple. Lilies are somewhat exotic, and they can beautify any ceremony. The oriental types are especially flashy and scented.

Lilies represent purity, passion, and refined beauty. Of course, as with any other flower, the color may change its meaning. White lilies such as the Madonna Lily symbolize innocence and purity. Wishes of good health are related to the yellow varieties. Orange and red ones are more about passion and love, making them the preferred alternative for wedding bouquets.

Orange lilies

If what you want is an atmosphere of magnificence and grandiosity, the purple ones will give you what you need. Calla lilies are exceptional for a grand ceremony.

5- Hydrangeas

The genus Hydrangea, with over 70 species of plants, is quite popular in weddings. What makes it so unique? For starters, hydrangea flowers adapt well to different climates, and a few varieties like the mophead grow in such a way that they are quite attractive for important events.

Pink hydrangeas

Hydrangeas may come in white, pink, and different shades of purple depending on the alkalinity of the soil.  (article)

Overall, the hydrangea flowers symbolize heartfelt emotions. Abundance and purity are connected with the white variety. The pinks, which are a personal favorite, represent the tenderness of love and romance. Purple ones show abundance and wealth.

6- Carnations

The carnation or Dianthus caryophyllus is a mesmerizing flower that thrives in the tropics. The pink and purple shades covering its petals show the refinement and grace that is hard to find elsewhere. Even though purple carnations are the most common, white, yellow, pink, and red varieties are also available. But carnations are more than just showy flowers; their sweet fragrance is known to embellish the joyful atmosphere of any wedding.

White carnations

Love and affection are what carnations are all about. The white, red, and purple flowers are often used for big celebrations. White symbolizes the purity of love; red ones are connected to romance. Oddly enough, the purple ones represent capriciousness.

7- Gerberas

If you think you have seen all the pretty flowers, you are wrong. You still need to take a peek at the gerberas. Gerberas are loved for their adaptability and beauty.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera hybrida is one of the most popular varieties with white, yellow, orange, red, and pink tones. Sometimes you may find that petals of the same flower have different colors.

Gerberas represent the desire for a happy life. White flowers are connected to innocence, yellow to overall cheerfulness, oranges express the energy of the sun, red, as you may imagine, symbolize the intensity of love, and pink shows admiration.

Where can you get your Flowers?

You have done your research and have decided which Punta Cana flowers for weddings you are going to use. The next thing you have to do is locate a flower shop that has exactly what you need. Luckily for you, I have gathered a few resources that will prove useful in your quest for finding the ideal flower arrangement.

1. Floristería EL Tronco

Located in Bavaro, this store has a vast variety of roses, carnations, sunflowers, and any other flower you might want to include in your wedding.

address: Plaza el Tronco, Friusa Bavaro

phone number: +1 (809) 552-0933

mobile: +1 (809) 552-0153

email: floristeriaeltronco@gmail.com

web: www.floristeriaeltronco.com

2. Jardín Floral

Jardín Floral is another place you can use to take care of your flower arrangement needs. With its ample repertoire, you can be certain you will find something you like.

phone number: +1 (862) 354-8645

web: www.jardinfloral.com

3. Sisay

A stunning variety and excellent service are what you will find at Sisay Flowers. Roses, lilies and much more will make your wedding truly spectacular.

Address: Plaza Las Buganvillas, Av. Alemania
El Cortecito, Bávaro, (Beside Casino Carabela)
La Altagracia, Dominican Republic

phone number: +1 (809) 552-1231

fax: +1 (809) 552-0697

email: info@sisayonline.com

web: www.sisayonline.com

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