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Thinking about having a Punta Cana wedding?

Many women, since they were little girls have dreamed of the day where they would put on that perfect white dress, pick up the colorful bouquet of flowers, and walk down that aisle to meet the man of their dreams and vow to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Dominican Republic boasts warm weather and blue skies throughout much of the year, suitable for a tropical wedding.

Punta Cana is the perfect choice for your wedding for many reasons, but perhaps the most overwhelming is the breathtaking scenery. There are endless golden beaches that nestle up to the crisp azure waters of the ocean. There are also stunning colorful plants and flowers around every bend that will take your breath away.

Think for a moment how great a Punta Cana wedding can be 

Punta Cana wedding styleOn a typical wedding you usually invite lots of people that are not even that close to you. The number of guests can easily go from 100, 200, 300 or more, that’s a lot chairs.

There won’t be any need for hundreds of guests; the ones attending the ceremony will be the really special people in your life like your closest family members and your most trustworthy friends. The typical number of guests in this type of event is around 20 to 30 people. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, a wedding for 30 guests is way cheaper than one for 200 people.

Your guests are not going only to a wedding but also to a prime vacation spot in the Dominican Republic.

Planning Ideas: 

The Basilica is great for a Catholic wedding

If you are interested in celebrating a Roman Catholic wedding keep in mind that you have to choose the appropriate wedding package that includes marriage by a priest. You do not want to get the unpleasant surprise of finding out your chosen package doesn’t even include a priest. You want great memories of your Punta Cana wedding and an essential part of that are good pictures.


Choose flowers for your ceremony and reception

Flowers are one of the basic aspects of a wedding. There are many varieties and you will see which ones are ideal to complement your wedding.

How to find a photographer

A professional photographer makes a huge difference. Every photo taken should reflect the happiness and joy that you are going to feel at that special moment.

No wedding can be complete without a nice cake

Deciding among them is also an important part of the celebration. The shape, decoration and size of your cake will depend greatly on the chosen package.

The invitations should not be overlooked

They are the first memento of the romantic event that is going to change your life forever. So take some time to visualize the design in your mind before deciding how they are going to look.


The hairstyle is another detail to take into consideration before the wedding

Decide which style you desire for the ceremony and make sure you can get a hairstylist that can deliver or do it yourself and practice it at home.

And don't forget:

Wedding Tips

Planning your own Punta Cana wedding is really quite easy. You want to know why? Because most of the work is going to be done by the wedding coordinators; of course, that doesn’t mean you can completely forget about everything but it will certainly reduce the workload significantly. Traditional weddings are way more complicated. You have to organize every little detail meaning an insane amount of work that honestly you don’t want to deal with.

First the guest list should be one of your priorities. You have to be very selective at the time of choosing the guests to invite to your Punta Cana wedding.

Punta Cana can be a long way from where your guests reside so is important to let them know about your wedding plans several months before or even a year to allow them to make appropriate arrangements. That way you will have more people in your wedding.

Some of your guests might have a problem to obtain the money for the trip. In those cases you have to consider helping them out a bit if their presence means a lot to you.

A Punta Cana wedding can really save you some serious money but you can save even more by booking online. When you book online you can come up with decent discounts for you and every guest you want to bring along. There is the possibility that some of your guests are not thrilled about the idea of booking online; no need to be scared, some travel agents might arrange for you and your group of guests a special group discount so keep that in mind as an alternative.

There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind when you are planning your dream Punta Cana wedding:

Allow yourself enough time before your wedding so that you can get everything arranged. Additionally, take advantage of your resort's Caribbean weddings coordinator, use the information provided to your benefit. The coordinators have an extensive list of references and vendors that might come in handy in your planning. 

Last, but certainly not least, relax. Take a breath and enjoy!  Let yourself take in all of the elements that you have worked so hard to plan out and create memories that will be with you for a lifetime.

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