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Before going to your vacations to Punta Cana take a moment and think about your previous getaways, is very likely that you might want to have changed some parts of it whether it was alone, with friends or even a family vacation.

That is why planning is essential; you will also worry less and that actually leads to having a good trip. 

Unfortunately not everyone has a big amount money in their bank account and if you are like the rest of us having a budget is fundamental for surviving in your vacation.

Here are some ideas of my "Punta Cana budget" that you might want to read:Money stack

  • First think which are the main 5 to 10 things in which you will spend money. For example: tipping, souvenirs, the tourist card, tours, taxi.

  • Then for each category assign a maximum value that you are willing to spend on it during the trip, ask some family members or friends for suggestions.

  • After that create your travel budget on a spreadsheet.

Other options:

When you're fully organized label each category of money (with a small note) and hold them with some paperclips in a very secure place. When completing the savings put a heavy object, like a box, over the categorized money only for a few hours. That way it can be flat enough to fit on a wallet, purse, etc.

Alternatively some bank accounts allow you to set aside a certain amount of money, aside from your current savings, to be separated for a given period of time. (So you don't spend it so easily before the vacations to Punta Cana.)

No time to plan? Here are some tips for you

Budget tool:

Punta Cana Travel Guide budget

What you have
Current travel money:
What you will spend
Tourist card:
Total needed (will have a negative sign):

If your current travel money is more than what you need, then the total will be positive (meaning it will have no sign).

Tipping in Punta Cana

The tipping is not mandatory but is a nice thing to do when someone works hard to please you. Many travelers have doubts on how much to tip and even more if it is one of their first vacations out of their country.

The tipping should be given according to the satisfaction with the work done. But in general you can tip: the luggage carrier $5.00 USD, the maid like $2.00 to $3.00 USD per room/daily and the waitress about $3.00 USD per day.

Additional ideas to save money on your trip

Children playing with sand at the beachDepending on what you like, your budget, and who you are going to travel with is the resort that you should stay on. There are resorts for all preferences in the vacations to Punta Cana: exclusively for adults with no kids allowed, others offer an atmosphere just perfect for your kids. If you are the type of person that loves the wild life, then a resort like the Natura Park would be an ideal selection for Caribbean getaways. But if you are looking for relaxing and some luxury considering a resort similar to the Majestic Colonial or the Excellence is a good idea for your next trip. However, don't forget to plan about which activities you want to do when staying at Punta Cana.

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