What to Pack for your Punta Cana Trip

There are many items you will need when packing for a Punta Cana trip such as your medicines, money, documents, and miscellaneous items. The type of clothing you pack is also important if you want to be comfortable in the tropics. Make practical decisions on what you will wear according to the weather, attractions and activities you’re going to participate in any of the all inclusive hotels in Punta Cana.

You may also want to pack clothes for unexpected events. A raincoat is a very wise choice for example. You never know when scattered showers might appear out of nowhere so is better to be prepared. Review in your mind every item you are going to need for your vacations in the Dominican Republic.

Tips that you should take into consideration when traveling to the Dominican Republic:

1- Always take sun block lotion, two bathing suits or more for a Punta Cana trip so you’ll have a clean and dry suit if you need it.

2- Make sure you pack comfortable clothes in your bags and shoes if you plan on doing a lot of shopping.

 3- The bag you carry with you on the plane should contain travel documents which include: passport, airline tickets, ID cards, and drivers’ license.

4- Medical insurance card and medical history should also be included in case you need them.

5- Check with your medical insurance provider before you leave on your trip so that you know everything that will be taken care of while being in Punta Cana.

6- Remember to keep some cash with you to get the tourist card as soon as you enter the country.

Packing list for vacation in Punta CanaTravel essentials

- hair products
- deodorant
- toothbrush/toothpaste

- soap
- perfume
- make-up
- razor
- and shaving cream

The clothing includes: undergarments, pajamas, walking shoes or sandals, several dresses for informal wear, jeans or slacks, and different kinds of tops. The clothes for the evening can be dresses or pants for nights, an evening bag and evening shoes.

It is true that while most hotels can provide you with anything you need, it will probably cost you extra.

If you’re a man you will probably need the following:

- shaving kit
- toothbrush
- brush or comb
- deodorant

- swimsuits - shorts
- pajamas

Sun protection is fundamental for taking on a beach vacation. You should also remember your swimming goggles and snorkeling equipment if you love this fascinating activity. If you enjoy golf, you can bring your own clubs too.

Underwear, socks, shorts, jeans, and swimming trunks for daytime wear should be included. Different kinds of shoes like: walking, casual and running shoes should also be packed. Slacks, belt, dress shirts, sport jackets suits, ties, dress socks and dress shoes can be packed for evening wear at the hotel.

Remember to take your travel pillow for resting on the airplane and if you feel uncomfortable sleeping with the pillows offered at the resort.

Traveling with a baby

If you’re taking your baby along on a Punta Cana trip, it is important to know the essential items to carry: formula, diapers, swim diapers, baby powder, changing pads, wipes, pacifiers, portable crib and stroller.

Other things your baby might need are: blankets, pillows, bottles, extra clothes, plastic bags and life jacket. Take enough diapers, baby wipes and drinks for your baby in case there is a delay. A two gallon zip top bag is a convenient way to carry extra clean clothes or other items for your baby in one of the suitcases. Also have in mind to take with you some toys for your kid. This way you will have things at hand in case you need them.
How to keep the kids entertained at the airplane

Carry on luggage

Some items shouldn’t be taken on a Punta Cana trip for safety reasons such as: coffee makers, irons, candles or any flammable liquids. It is best not to pack so many clothes and items that your suitcase is stuffed. Take clothes in neutral colors so you can match them to make different outfits easily. Overpacked luggage - What pack Punta Cana

Expensive jewelry shouldn’t be taken along on your trip because it could be stolen. Also, don’t pack extra inexpensive things that you can buy while you’re traveling such as magazines or other unnecessary miscellaneous items.

Make a list of which travel accessories you might need when going on the getaway.

Plan ahead of time what to pack for Punta Cana so you will feel comfortable and secure once you get there for your vacation on the Caribbean. You might want to take a camera and a journal to write wonderful details about all the exciting things on your vacation. Don’t forget your eyeglasses and contacts lenses if you require them.

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