Punta Cana Tourism Facts

Basic information to know about the Punta Cana tourism before traveling to the Dominican Republic

Language: Spanish

At the vast majority of the resorts found at Punta Cana, you will find the staff to be well prepared to communicate with guests. In most cases they can speak English, French and other languages. There are exceptions of course, but the management in many places has been making an effort to improve the staff’s training in order to provide a better service to the guests in the hotels.

It is true that while some locals can manage to speak some English, there are others having a hard time engaging non Spanish speakers. If you want to learn Spanish words to make things easier, go for it. In any case they always do their best to communicate with tourists in every way they can.

Currency: Dominican Peso (DOP)

The Punta Cana tourism benefits greatly from the way local businesses handle the currency. Fortunately for the visitors of this beautiful part of the Caribbean, most of the resorts and local businesses accept USD and Euros for their transactions so there is no real need for exchanging to the local currency. As a matter of fact most stores show the price of items in both USD and the Peso.

Country: Dominican Republic (Second largest country in the Caribbean.)

Capital of the country: Santo Domingo (Most populated city in the country.)

Province: La Altagracia (Eastern province of the country.)

Region: East Coast

Dominican flag

Government: Presidential System

Religion: Roman Catholic (the official one)

Time zone: Atlantic (UTC-4)

Punta Cana climate: Tropical maritime with an average temperature of 80-86°F (27-30°C).

TLD: .do

Area Codes: 809, 829, 849

Electricity: 110 volts, 60 cycles

Once you travel to the Dominican Republic you might notice how electrical outlets can be different from the ones in your country. This is very true for travelers from the European continent which often uses 220 volts for their devices instead of the 110 used in North America and the Dominican Rep.

If your appliances don't use this kind of voltage, you will need to get an adapter, converter and/or transformer.

Requirements on the Punta Cana Tourism: Passport, tourist card (you will have to purchase it at the airport for 10 USD or Euros).

Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism: info@godominicanrepublic.com

Airport: Punta Cana International Airport, PUNTA CANA INTL  


  • IATA (International Air Transport Association): PUJ
  • ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization): MDPC

Mailing Address:

Grupo Punta Cana
Ave. Abraham Lincoln No. 960
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

Punta Cana International Airport: +1 809-959-2376


You are able to make calls from the resort you are staying at, but are very costly. Another choice is to call from the town. You can call from your cell phone, which will add additional charges for the roaming service of your company. If you have to call from the Dominican Republic the best option is to take with you a local prepaid sim card to call while you are there, many companies offer them at affordable prices; your cell phone will need to be compatible with the frequency of the sim card.

Before you travel to Punta Cana is important to know where you can get medical attention. 


  • Centro Medico Punta Cana: +1 809-552-1506

  • Hospiten Bavaro: +1 809-686-1414 Email: bavaro@hospiten.com       

This hospital is approximately 15 minutes away from the Punta Cana International Airport, you can go there by accessing the exit highway of the airport, then take the right with direction to Bavaro.

Pharmacies around the area:
  • Pharma Cana (Punta Cana): +1 809-959-0025
  • Farmacia El Cortecito: +1 809-552-0820
  • Farmacia Estrella (Bavaro): +1 809-552-1494
  • Farmacia El Manglar: +1 809-552-1533

  • Politur: +1 809-688-8727 

The main part of their mission is to proportionate and guarantee the security in the country’s tourism sector.

  • Policia Nacional: +1 809-455-1041 

The national police coordinate the police operations in the national area and serve as channel of communication with other departments.


Siutratural:+1 809-221-2741

If you really want to know what the Punta Cana tourism is about you have to try the delightful local cooking which is loved by many visitors. 

Restaurants in Punta Cana

Eating at the hotel is ok but if you want to get a different perspective of the region’s cuisine checking the local restaurants will open your eyes. The food in the region is simply amazing so if you want to experience delicious dishes in your vacation a little trip around the area is a must. 

Some of the most popular restaurants in Punta Cana are:

  • Captain Cook, located in El Cortecito, phone: +1 809-552-0645

  • Jellyfish, located between Melia Caribe Tropical Resort and IFA Villas, +1 809-840-7684 and 809-868-3040, email: jellyfishrestaurant@gmail.com

  • Huracan Café, located at Los Corales, Punta Cana 1- 809-552-1046

  • El Pulpo Cojo, located at El Cortecito, +1 809-552-0909, email:pulpocojo@restaurante.com.do

  • La Yola Restaurant, located at Punta Cana Resort and Club, Punta Cana Dominican Republic, +1 809-959-2262

Nighttime fun

Another important part of the Punta Cana tourism is mingling with the locals in their activities after sunset.

There is a lot to do during the day in Punta Cana but that doesn’t mean you will get bored at night. In addition to all the shows and things you can do at the resort you are staying, there is always the alternative to go other places.

Some bars and clubs nearby:

  • Coyote disco bar, Bavaro

  • Hard Rock Café, Palma Real Village, El Cortecito, +1 809-552-0594, email: info@hardrock.com.do

  • Areito Disco, Caribe Club Princess Hotel, Bavaro beach, +1 809-687-7788 and +1 829-222-7400, email: areito.caribe@princess-hotels.com

  • Imagine Nightclub, Bavaro, +1 809-466-1049

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