Punta Cana Tipping Guidelines - Suggestions

by Stella
(Calgary, Canada)

What is the proper amount to tip... whether it is the maids or the restaurant servers? I would like good service and I don't want to come across as cheap or on the other hand, be taken advantage of. Also, which is better for them, US dollars or Pesos? We are staying at NH Real Arena Punta Cana. Where can we go to shop (markets)?


Hello Stella,

As you probably know there is no precise rule when it comes to tipping and it is normally given voluntarily depending solely on your opinion about the service received. As a general suggestion for the maid you could give 2 to 3 USD per room/daily, if the room has been cleaned and organized well.

If you consider that the maid did not do a good work you could give less. And if you really believe that the maid practically didn't do much or anything at all, remember that you don't have to leave a tip.

In the a la carte restaurants you could give approximately 4 to 5 USD daily. Again what you give as a tip, should be relative to your level of satisfaction. There are certain factors to think about when tipping your restaurant waitress/waiter, for example: the attention received, the way you were treated (kindly or a bit impolite), the amount of mistakes in the order (if any).

The question: USD (United States Dollars) or DOP (Dominican Pesos)?

In my opinion, the Dominican pesos are easier for the maids, servers, etc. to actually use because they wouldn't have the need to exchange them. However, they will be happy with the tips in either currency and they are very used to the USD also. So to give you a more definite answer: tip whatever is easier for you, of course, as long as you calculate with an appropriate rate and give an equivalent value. Meaning that if you are going to be tipping 2 USD, don't give 2 Dominican pesos, the proper amount would be near 87 pesos.

Prior your trip check out a currency converter to have a clue on the rates before going to Punta Cana.


You can walk down the beach and check some of the small shops and also don't forget that you can offer what you think the item is worth and get good prices from some of the vendors. While there is a gift shop at the resort, there are also malls like the Plaza Palma Real (shopping center), in which you could visit by going on a tour or by taking a taxi.

The property where the NH Real Arena was situated is currently the Larimar Punta Cana.

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