Punta Cana Sport Fishing

Having fun in the ocean

Punta Cana sport fishing is a must for the fans of this amazing sport that are traveling to Punta Cana. 

When vacationing in Punta Cana you can do many things at the same time; you enjoy the always shining turquoise looking waters, endless stretches of white sand, the sight of palm trees, the catches of marlins and others fishes.

Sport fishing in the area is a different activity as an excursion when compared to the general tours for vacations, like shopping for example. The wide diversity of fish species that live in the waters of Punta Cana draw attention to many people every year. Even if you have never gone fishing in your entire life you can try it just to know how it feels; is an experience that you won’t forget. The people in charge of these charters will make sure you see Punta Cana sport fishing in a way you haven’t thought before.

Sport Fishing Locations

In Punta Cana there are many captains and people dedicated to the marvelous sport fishing and make will make sure you have a wonderful experience as well. The area of Punta Cana is considered one of the most attractive destinations to fish in the world. The whole sport fishing area of the Dominican Republic is composed of Macao, Uvero Alto, Arena Gorda, El Cortecito, Bavaro, Cabeza de Toro and Punta Cana.

In this area you can choose anSport fishing boat excursion where you will be picked from your hotel and take you to the fishing hot spots. One of the main advantages of Punta Cana sport fishing is that the fish are very close to the shore and the traveling from the resort to the fishing grounds can be as short as 30 minutes or less. Even when in the waters of Punta Cana the fish are plentiful some charter boats have the practice to release the catch. Since the sport fishing in this area is so popular it could damage the ecological system if everybody kept all their catches. 

That is indeed a good practice in order to preserve the species in the ocean and for future generations to be able to enjoy the sport fishing as well.

Popular Catches

Punta Cana sport fishing is indeed one of the most popular water sports practiced in the area. Usually the charter fishing is regulated from 2 to 10 miles of the coast. In most fishing areas you won’t be able to catch the big fishes in such a short distance from the shore. But Punta Cana is different you can find many of the big game billfish at short distance from the shore. Among the species that you will be able to catch are: the large tuna, white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, blue marlin, king mackerel, porgy, snapper, yellow tail and more.

The blue Marlin is known to be the star in the waters of Punta Cana. This fish is quite a catch; weighting up to 2000 pounds you will have to put all your strength into play if you really want to get it. The Marlin is well known to put quite a good fight so if you manage to reel it in all the way you can call yourself a true fisherman!

A sport fishing boat is a must to have for any decent charter. Punta Cana sport fishing is usually carried out in well equipped fishing boats. Some of the boats are 25 feet and others range from 33 feet to 42 feet and are very comfy. Many ships have very useful technology like radar, GPS, fish finders, VHF ship to shore radio and high quality rods, reels and tackles.

Some of the sport fishing excursions can be adapted to individual schedules. 

You can choose between a 4 hour charter if you have many other activities to do or you can get the 8 hour charter if you want to explore the full fishing potential of Punta Cana sport fishing. Half day charters can go up to approximately $600 and the full day ones can go over the $1000 but not much more than that. All fishing gear, soft drinks, transportation and taxes are included in the charter fee. Keep in mind that a deposit is required (approximately $200 per 4 hour charter and $300 per 8 hour charter).

There is also fly fishing in saltwater excursions. 

Some of the charter excursions will include: soft drinks, beers, snacks, some fishermen and watchers, include all the fishing gear and private pick up. The prices for such excursions could go from 270 to 540 US dollars with advance deposit. In either any case, if you are just for your first sport fishing experience or you are up for the next fishing challenge Punta Cana will provide a lot of fun.

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