Punta Cana Sample Travel Packing List

A few things to pack for the trip

A few things to pack for the trip

Hi there,

We just booked our first trip to Punta Cana!!!
Do you have a sample packing list? I saw a short version on your site but just wanted to maybe getting a bigger one?


A good travel packing list will do wonders for you. Keep in mind that is not just about how long a list is but how effective it can be by having all the necessary items that you may need to make your traveling experience easier and to handle unexpected situations. Headaches for example are quite common and can appear out of nowhere; taking medication with you allow to solve the problem fast without having to spend extra money buying from a nearby store.

The list should not be too long to prevent the typical over packing problem; that way you will avoid extra charges on the luggage and there will be more space for your vacation souvenirs.

Think about what really is going to get used in your trip. You may find that some items you think are useful are not that essential and are only going to take important space from your suitcase.

Here is a longer example of the things that you should check when packing for your trip to Punta Cana.


- sunscreen
- insect repellent
- small perfume
- travel sewing kit
- cotton swabs
- deodorant
- basic medicines (for stomach, headache, etc.)
- first aid kit
- cellphone and charger
- toothbrush
- toothpaste
- pen
- paper
- contact lenses
- lenses cleaning liquid (small)
- eyeglasses
- sunglasses
- money
- passport
- airline tickets
- disposable or digital camera, charger
- small shampoo and conditioner, soap (many people prefer to bring their own)
- travel clothesline (if staying for a week or longer)

Print the updated packing list (in pdf format)

For Women:

- tank tops
- pants
- shorts
- skirts
- blouses
- dresses
- hair brush
- hair products
- hair accessories
- small travel hair appliances
- swim wear
- capri/cropped style pants
- body lotion
- makeup: sponges/brushes,
- makeup: facial lotion, pressed powder, lipstick
- makeup remover
- cotton balls
- interior clothes
- sleepwear
- handbags
- purse
- shoes: flip flops, sandals for the night

For Men:

- shaving kit
- hair brush
- hair comb
- pajamas
- interiors
- shoes: sneakers, comfy shoes to walk around, closed shoes (for the a la carte restaurants)
- shirts
- swim shorts
- short pants
- long pants

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