Punta Cana Safety Tips

What precautions to take when traveling

Punta Cana safety is not even a real issue once you have the right knowledge to avoid and handle situations that could possibly arise. It doesn’t matter where you go; there is always a certain chance that something might not go exactly as you thought when planning for a trip.

Which is why you have to take the necessary precautions to prevent problems that can be easily be averted by taking some simple steps. The main travel safety issues that you could find there are related to water quality, weather and general safety. 

These Punta Cana safety tips apply to any place that you would consider for a vacation:

Water bottle
- The first thing you need to remember is that you have to be healthy in your vacation in order to enjoy it.

This can be done by using some common sense like only drink bottled water. If you are going on an excursion always have some bottled water with you or buy it at a nearby store. When buying bottled water you must always be careful that is completely sealed. 

For your own good exercise a lot of caution when buying drinks outside the resort as you cannot be certain where the water they used for the drink came from. Another of the Punta Cana safety concerns is the food.

- Another piece of advice is to make sure water doesn’t get inside your mouth when you use the shower. 

Also when brushing your teeth always use bottled water to avoid any risk of stomach discomfort.

- Make the effort to learn some Spanish words so you can communicate better with the locals. 

English to Spanish dictionaryNot every person in Punta Cana knows English so having this knowledge is even more important if you are going to venture outside the resort. 

Understanding the people of the Dominican Republic can help quite a lot especially if you need help at some point. You don’t know when your rental car might break down or if you accidentally get lost in town and need to get to the resort asap.

Tip: An English to Spanish, Spanish to English dictionary can be a good asset to have if you have difficulty with some words so keep that in mind.

- Mosquitoes are a typical Punta Cana safety issue; they can be a problem especially during summer months. 

Bring an insect repellent to avoid those annoying mosquitoes bites and any disease related to them, like dengue and in a more rare case malaria.

- Punta Cana safety during severe weather is not much of a problem once you know the basic rules. 

Try to avoid swimming and any water related activity during stormy weather to prevent accidents. If you are swimming and experience a riptide current swim to the sides to avoid it dragging you around as they are very narrow.

- When you are going to eat you have to be very careful if you want to do it outside the resort you are staying

Fresh salad over fries

Eating outside the resort in the Dominican Republic can be a great experience. 

But if you have a delicate stomach you must be certain that the water they use for washing the food, for example, is bottled and is not tap water.

- Some people use products to keep the good bacteria in the stomach to help counter any bad effect of ingesting some of the bad ones. 

Some general medications can be helpful if you develop a strong diarrhea problem in the Dominican Republic. If the symptoms are too severe always consult with the resort doctor. Medical travel insurance is an essential part of the Punta Cana safety so is something always good to have when traveling. Sometimes accidents happen and is better to be prepared; otherwise you could be looking into a very expensive bill.

- When going on vacation use the same common sense that you use when you are traveling to any strange city. 

When going on Punta Cana excursions leave your valuables into the resort safety box and don’t wear lot of jewelry as you might get too much unwanted attention.

- Plan your day carefully to avoid being far from the resort once the sunlight goes.

Planning vacation

- If possible don’t go out alone outside the resort complex. 

Try to be in groups when exploring nearby towns and do it during day time. Like in most places around the world being in a strange neighborhood at night, particularly alone, can be very dangerous. If you are going to be far from where you are staying is very convenient to be with a tour guide and/or group.

- When traveling outside the resort take some cash with you and avoid using credit cards as much as you can.

- When swimming in the beach don’t leave your wallet and other valuables unattended in a chair.

Keep them in the safety box for those swimming times.

Punta Cana safety is simple to achieve but always exercise common sense like you would be in any other place in the world.

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