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Visiting a few Punta Cana restaurants will make you understand the true essence of the Dominican cuisine. For any vacation to be really successful many elements are needed, and one of them and possibly the most important one is good food. If a spot with delicious meals and a lot fun is what you are looking for, Punta Cana is for you. I don't know about anyone else, but for me to be comfortable in any place it must have tasteful and diverse dishes.

The first thing you must know is that there will be many places to eat in the resort you pick. Which means that you don't have to eat in only one restaurant during your entire vacation, that is, unless you want to.

Buffets and a la carte restaurants

First, the resorts will have one or 2 buffet-style restaurants. This is where you will eat most of your meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner.  


Like in most buffets, there will be many areas where you can choose the food you want. 

Sometimes there will be a line in certain areas to get the food but since the buffet area is so big, most people will be scattered all over the place, so you won’t wait long for your favorite dishes.

At breakfast, you can expect to see some fresh fruit plates, bacon, toasts, pancakes and all kinds of cereals among many other foods.  

For lunch and dinner some of the typical meals may include burgers, pizza, fries, soups, salads, rice, chicken, beans, steaks, seafood and more. If you aren't a fan of the Dominican cooking or simply want something more elaborated, a la carte restaurants will be ready for you.

The a la carte Punta Cana restaurants located at the resorts normally focus on specific specialties. 

Some of the cuisine types that you can find at these establishments are Italian, French, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Argentine, seafood, grilled and Mediterranean. 

Dominican food - Fried plantains with tomato salad

Aside from them is very probable that you will see a restaurant with typical Dominican meals or at least general Caribbean cuisine. 

The majority of the resorts have 3, 4, 5 or more a la carte restaurants so the choices will be there. One thing you must remember is that for this type of restaurant you must make a reservation preferably the first day you arrive at the resort. There is also a dress code that depends on how fancy the restaurant is. Some of them will require a shirt with long pants and closed shoes, while others prefer a more elegant attire.

Punta Cana restaurants in town

Now, if you want to eat something different or simply want a change of scenery, there are always some good places in the Punta Cana area outside the resort. The seafood restaurants have become quite popular because of the wide variety and amazing flavor in their dishes. The Jellyfish restaurant and the Captain Cook’s restaurant are among the most delightful ones.

These restaurants offer seafood delicacies that are simply a must to taste. A complete meal in those restaurants may cost around US $20.00 to US $35.00 dollars but the taste and the atmosphere makes it worth the price. Try the grilled salmon with salad and you will understand one of the reasons of why Punta Cana has a special place in the hearts of its visitors.

Cooked fish, with pepper and potato slices

If you are eating outside the resort, remember to carry some cash as some restaurants might not accept credit cards. For drinks the local favorite is the Presidente beer. There is another beer called Soberana which is not as popular as the Presidente but if anyone wants to try it, they are more than welcomed. Also, it is very likely that the restaurants will have available any drink you might like, so feel free to order.

Some of the restaurants located in the area of Punta Cana 

Captain Cook (seafood restaurant)

Phone: +1 809-552-1061

Email: capitancook@live.com

Location: El Cortecito

Hard Rock Cafe (American)

Phone: +1 809-552-0594

Email: tanyadelosrios@gmail.com

Location: Palma Real Shopping Village

Jalapeño (Mexican food)

Phone: +1 809-552-1033

Location: Plaza Las Brisas

Jellyfish restaurant (Caribbean, seafood)

Phone: +1 809-840-7684

Location: Between Melia Caribe Tropical and IFA Villas Bavaro

La Yola Restaurant (Mediterranean, seafood)

Phone: +1 809-959-2262 Ext. 7222

Location: PuntaCana Resort & Club Complex

Mamma Luisa (Italian)

Phone: +1 809-959-2013

Location: Plaza Bolera

Rincon de Pepe (Spanish)

Phone: +1 809-552-0603

Location: Bavaro Shopping Center

Carbon Restaurante (Caribbean)

Phone: +1 809-959-0018

Email: p.andujar@brunandujar.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carbon/431007260267241

Location: Galerias de Punta Cana, Local #37

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