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Some Punta Cana pictures can tell you a lot about the Dominican Republic. It is one thing to read about the place but a picture can give you a more profound insight about the beauty of this beautiful Caribbean spot. Photos can tell you about how the people work, have fun and how they take care of their country. When you pay attention to the pictures you will notice immediately the reason of why many people consider Punta Cana the first choice for their Dominican Republic all inclusive vacations.

At the moment you arrive to this region of the Dominican Republic you can immediately see it is a bit different than what you are used to. You won’t see the traditional huge facilities that are expected from a popular travel destination. This is one of the punta cana pictures that might make you a bit curious. When entering the place anyone can notice that it has this authentic tropical atmosphere with an original architecture. The Punta Cana airport is vastly different from the typical modern ones.

The wooden structures combined with the leaves that cover the ceiling of the main building will make you feel that you are about to experience the vacation of a lifetime. The people inside the airport are also very friendly and are more than happy to give you a nice welcome. Even with its simple and rustic design this facility handles a great amount of flights daily as you would expect from one of the top vacations spot in the world.

Airport viewAerial View

In these Punta Cana pictures part of the beauty of the la Altagracia province can be appreciated from an aerial point of view. One of the first things you will be able to see are huge portions of the land covered by an abundance of trees and rivers but that’s not all. The crystal clear waters that bathe the long shores of Punta Cana are a spectacle of its own. 

Those very same waters are the ones waiting to refresh all visitors. You can also see the cotton white clouds in the sky as you travel to Dominican Republic.

Caribe Club PrincessCaribe Club Princess Hotel

Some of the Punta Cana photos you will love belongs this resort. This is one of several hotels in the region offering good services and accommodations for a fairly decent rate. In here you can see how well the resorts take care of their grounds. Astounding pools surrounded by plenty of chairs, lots of palm trees and lakes that enhance the natural atmosphere are just some of the perks that guests will experience in their vacations. 

The rooms are cozy, very comfortable and some of them have great views of the beach. Whenever you have the opportunity to visit hotel, take advantage of it and have an amazing time.

Manati ParkManati Park

Only a handful of places are so ideal to appreciate the beauty of Punta Cana as the Manati park. If you love nature then this is the trip for you. The pictures in the park show all the fun and entertainment you can expect at this natural reserve. Dolphins jumping around, parrots running in bicycles, people performing ancient tribal dances as they were Indians, different kinds of crafts and a huge variety of exotic animals are part of the excitement that can be found at the Manati Park. 

The abundance of tropical trees is mesmerizing and the staff does their best to provide an unforgettable experience. When going to Punta Cana visiting this park is a must otherwise you will miss a lot of what the DR has to offer.

ยป Punta Cana Pictures

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