Punta Cana Marina

The Punta Cana marina is quite big and its housing capabilities can hold hundreds of boats and yachts. The region in which is located, Punta Cana, is a great vacation spot that has all elements to make it one of the principal touristic destinations in the world. Like many touristic destinations it includes a marina for whoever wants to take the vacation deeper into the sea. The marina is part of the Punta Cana resort and club.

It offers re-fueling, washing, stores and facilities to help repair the boats. Most of its services includes a fee but is worth it if you are one of the owners of a boat that wants it to keep it there.

Many of the yachts in the marina are 150 feet long and sometimes even bigger than that. The docks in the marina have their own power and water supplies. Also their service station is completely equipped. Most of the yachts and boats docked at the marina are used for fishing as well for tourist transportation. One of the main reasons this marina is so popular is that quite close to it exist one of the best spots in the world for catching marlins. Is just a couple of miles away from the coast area.



The marina attract many fishermen particularly the ones that participate in the billfishing tournament. 

This marina is strategically well located to be in the path of multiple marine creatures.

The best time for billfishing usually goes from April to August. 

Marlins are among the most popular fish to get in here and the main time for their fishing is May and June.

Even when fishermen are the ones that go to the Punta Cana marina most of the time, it also offers a great environment for all the family to go. There are the marina apartments which are an ideal option for the people that travel to Punta Cana mainly for the fishing tours; they have one bedroom, kitchen, living room, the necessary amenities and access to a pool as well.

Contact Information

Telephone Number: +1 809-959-2262                     

Address: Punta Cana, La Altagracia

             Dominican Republic       

Many excursions that go for the small islands near the Punta Cana coast take off from the marina. This excursions offer a lot of sightseeing especially for scuba divers. If your main interest is fishing or just contemplating the wonders of the sea, the marina offers exactly what you need for the experience of a lifetime.

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