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Near Higuey there was a place in the island of Espanola which was very important for the production of cazabe (or casabe) bread since the founding of the town of San Cristobal and the fort of Domingo in 1498. Many gold deposits were found in the river called Haina and the cacique (leader of the natives) of Higuey was very happy to provide casabe bread to help the Spanish with their food supplies.

Later in history the apparent friendship between Spanish and the Indians got completely torn apart because of the frequent abuse of the Spanish people towards the natives which led to war between them.

The capital of La Altagracia (eastern province), with the name of Salvaleón de Higuey holds many features that are very interesting for any tourist.

Basilica in Higuey

The Basilica in Higuey (mainly called Basilica Nuestra Señora de La Altagracia) is one of the most amazing architectures in the whole area and is also known as the altar of La Virgen de La Altagracia

The Basilica was constructed around the 1971 and it serves to honor the ancient church that was located there in 1572. 

Another interesting monument in the city of Higuey is the church of San Dionisio on which was built in 1572. This astounding piece of architecture is a remnant of the times when the Spanish came for the first time to the island of La Española and met the natives. 

One of the most popular places in Higuey is also the Iberia Supermarket which is one of the biggest stores in the area. The place sells about any item you see in any store like food, clothes, souvenirs, electronic equipment and others.

In the video located below you will be able to see some of the actual streets of Higuey:

Another aspect that you will notice in this city, just like in the rest of the Dominican Republic, is the fact that people drive mostly motorcycles and the amount of cars is lower. This is one of the reasons why is not advisable the car rental in this place and is better to travel with the tour guide, especially since the people driving are not exactly very careful in this country.

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