Punta Cana Getaway - What to expect

There is no better way to relax than with a Punta Cana getaway. Punta Cana is known to be one of the top spots for vacationing in the Caribbean. It has everything needed to have the time of your life. Ivory sand beaches with transparent waters, various restaurants and tropical rhythms.

Plenty of places to visit and things to do are just a few of the perks that you can experience when traveling to Punta Cana. 

If that wasn’t enough, it is also one of the most affordable places that you can find in the Caribbean, so you get the benefits of a tropical paradise without the steep costs.


One of the main attractive factors in a Punta Cana getaway is the unique beaches. The beaches that you can visit at the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic include: Uvero Alto, Macao beach , Arena Gorda, Bavaro beach, El Cortecito, Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana; and also Juanillo. They are all pretty iCouple walking along the beachmpressive and you will definitely enjoy each one of them.

They are known all over the world and you will know why; with a stretch of more than 30 miles of beautiful white sand and plentiful palm trees you are going to wonder where Punta Cana has been hiding your entire life. The vast number of resorts along the shore is another great plus.

You will find that in most cases you only need to walk a few feet from the resort and you are on the beach. Knowing that as soon as you wake up you can take a stroll over one of the most dazzling views you have witnessed is priceless.

Things to do in Punta Cana

Activities are another important part of a Punta Cana getaway. There are many things to do and you would need several weeks if you want to try them all. You can get in a helicopter and see the marvelous area of Punta Cana from the air. Another alternative is to get into the water and scuba dive into the depths of an ancient shipwreck. 

The Manati park is nearby, where you can observe the wild life of the Dominican Republic. Dolphin Island is quite an interesting to visit too; you can swim dolphins and watch them do several tricks. If you like buggies the fun buggy excursion might be for you. Traveling through the country and crossing rivers is a great idea for a Punta Cana getaway.


No Punta Cana getaway can be complete without the food. Everybody knows that good meals can make or break a vacation. Thankfully Punta Cana is full of restaurants and snack bars so you are going for a treat. Your first culinary experience is probably going to come from the buffets at the resorts. They usually have a nice variety food. Second the a la carte restaurants found at the resorts as well, offer a quite exquisite menu. They are restaurants that specialize in the cuisine of a specific country; the cooks in those places make a fine job in the meals they prepare.

You also have the restaurants found outside the resorts. They excel in their cooking and after you visit them you are most likely going to come back. The prices of the meals are pretty decent and the scenery they offer is simply mesmerizing. Some of the most popular restaurants to visit that can be found outside resorts are the: Captain Cook, the Jellyfish and Langosta del Caribe.


Great music is essential for an unforgettable Punta Cana getaway. The tunes you will hear in the Dominican Republic will make your body moves on its own. Among the popular rhythms you are going to find, the merengue and the bachata stand above all others. Dancing at the beat of merengue is something you won't be able to help as it is extremely contagious. Bachata is another style of music typical of the Dominican Republic. It is a bit slower than the merengue but nonetheless at some point you are going to feel compelled to dance.

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