Fishing in Punta Cana

Fishing in Punta Cana has become a popular activity in the Caribbean. Some fishing companies offer different kinds of charter packages that include fishing gear, some food and drinks. Others will even cook for you what you catch at the boat (for a small fee). Some of the fish that you may be able to catch are: marlin, wahoo, tuna, red snapper, red drum, yellow tail, and many more. 

Is not guaranteed that you will catch a lot of fishes but you will have an unforgettable experience to share with everyone else.

Fishing Charters

The charters are perfect for a small group of friends or relatives, generally from 6 to 10, that want to have a good time while fishing. You can also be in a shared charter if you wish, it is cheaper. Be aware of the sea sickness that many people get and advise your group to be prepared before traveling to avoid any complication.

In the case that you were wondering how much it actually costs the prices of the charters for fishing in Punta Cana usually ranges from about 100.00 USD up to 1,500.00 USD. It highly depends on how many hours the fishing takes and the type of charter you choose.

Picking a good charter can be a bit tricky, you have to be sure the boat is big enough for you to be comfortable while you fish appropriately (25 to 42 feet is okay), modern fishing equipment such as radar, GPS navigation system and fish finders are also a big plus that can make the experience more enjoyable and If they can provide you with decent rods, tackles and reels it can definitely help you especially if you are not carrying with you any fishing gear. Another essential detail to take into consideration is the crew. A good captain and his crew usually know the right areas where you can find plenty of fish and practice fishing in Punta Cana with the appropriate techniques to use in any scenario.

Sport fishing

The sport fishing is a great way to have fun while preserving the fishes in the area. Most countries like the Dominican Republic have certain regulations to ensure the release of the fish after being caught when doing sport fishing. This is done to prevent the extinction of certain endangered species. 

It will also be a learning experience because you can share and observe many different techniques from other professional fishermen. Some fishes like mackerel, marlin, tuna, shark and sailfish are the typical targets for most people that enjoy fishing in Punta Cana.
Remember to bring your camera to have taken amazing pictures of you and your awesome fishing catches and show them off when you get home.

Fly fishing

There are quite a few tours available for fly fishing but unfortunately you will have to wake up early. Also is very possible that you will have to bring your own gear and equipment for this type of excursion, just to be sure ask your fishing charter. The interesting thing about the fly fishing is that it will actually allow you to observe when the fish catch the fly. Another aspect to have in mind is that you won't see an enormous variety of fish species catching the fly because not all of them will jump.

Some of the fish that you might be able to get with fly fishing include sailfish, wahoo, marlin and tuna. The possibility of getting other fish types is quite good as long you use the proper fly and good equipment. If you are not an expert of fishing in Punta Cana don't worry, you will have the help of the captain, boat crew and other fellow fishers.

Deep sea fishing

It won't take more than an hour to go ahead and start your deep sea fishing. This fishing is not done very far from the shore; this is good because you don't have to worry for being so far away from the civilization. Deep sea fishing trips can be very relaxing but at the same time they can get really exciting. You don’t know when a gigantic marlin or even a shark might cross your path and you are the chosen one to catch him. Fishing in Punta Cana can be quite a thrill and you might get a great story to tell to all your family and friends. 

Punta Cana fishing seasons

Fishing in the waters of Punta Cana can be very fun but also tricky. Certain types of fish can only be caught in a specific time of the year. If you are looking to catch certain fish species is important to know when is more probable that they will appear so you can increase your chances to actually finding them.

- One of the most popular species is the blue marlin. This fish often weights more than 200 pounds and can be seen quite frequently between the months of May and August.
- The white marlin is a smaller type of marlin weighting less than 100 pounds but nonetheless still a precious catch. They can be found easily between the months of March and June.
- The barracuda is one of the easiest fish to find as they are readily available during the whole year but if you want to improve your chances even more from June to August is your best bet. 
- The wahoo is another great catch; this fish can be found weighting almost 100 pounds. The best time to catch them is basically the whole year as they love the warm waters in the Punta Cana area.
- Sailfish are another important part of the marine life in the waters near Punta Cana. They are not as big as the other fish but still quite catch. They can often be found from November to February
- If you love fishing in Punta Cana you must try to get the mahi mahi. This elusive fish have an average weight of 50 pounds and can be found quite easily during the months of October to April.

For your information here are some of the fishing charters:

Punta Cana Fishing Charters:

Phone Number: 1-800-961-6439


First Class Fishing:

Phone Numbers: +1 809-867-0381 or +1 809-852-8737


Punta Cana Explorer:

Phone Number: +1 809-867-0381


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