Punta Cana Deep Sea Fishing

A unique fishing experience 

The Punta Cana deep sea fishing is one of the most amazing sports in the region. Since the waters around Punta Cana provide an incredible opportunity to fish an awesome variety of sea creatures relatively close to the shore many fishermen around the world appreciate the area.

That makes the Punta Cana deep sea charters well known in the Dominican Republic.

Fish that you can find in the area of Punta Cana includes: white and blue marlin, tuna, yellow tail, dorado, mackerel, sailfish, barracuda and more. This fishing area is so popular that even international fishing competitions are held here.

For a good experience in Punta Cana deep sea fishing is important that you choose the right excursion.

Some people offer a more economic charter but if it is poorly equipped you won’t have much fun in there. Having a good boat is the first step; boats from 33 to 42 feet are a good choice for this kind of fishing. The size of the boat makes a huge difference when you are fishing. The ocean can be quite rough especially if you are away from the shore; if you are in a small boat you can be certain you will spend most of the time lying on the floor which is not a good spot for fishing. Bigger boats have way more stability than smaller ones which is something you need if you want to actually catch a fish.

Also how well equipped is the boat is another factor to take into consideration for deep sea fishing. A boat with GPS, fish finders and radar is a boat that is going to help you get a nice fishing experience. The crew of the boat is another of the deciding factors for a great deep sea excursion. The expertise of the captain and the crew in knowing the hot spots for fishing and where the fish likes to hide is a must for any fishing tour.

A way to plan your Punta Cana deep sea fishing experience is to arrange a charter through the resort. 

If you are a person that gets sea sick you won’t find very enjoyable the fishing trip. One solution for this is to take some medication against sea sickness.

Deep Sea Fishing Tips:

The main season for marlin fishing is the summer. 

In winter there are other fish available so you must decide which type is the one you want to fish. The types of fish that you may see during winter include: the barracuda, wahoo, mahi-mahi and sailfish. These fishes maybe not be as big and heavy as the marlin but you can be sure that you will have a great time when you try to catch them. For a better Punta Cana deep sea fishing experience tipping is one of your best friends. The crew doesn’t make that much money from the charter so if you can help them with a decent tip (something around 20 to 30 USD) they will definitely be grateful.

The price of the charter varies a lot depending on the crew and boat you are going and how much time you will be there.

Fishing for a half day can easily cost $640 US with a deposit of $200 US with a crew of up to 7 people. 

- Keep in mind that some charters allow you to fish during the morning hours or the afternoon for the half day charters.

For a complete day or 8 hour fishing trip would be like $1200 US with a $300 deposit.

The transportation to and from the hotel is often included in the charter as well as some soft drinks, taxes and fishing gear. The things that you can do if you want a particular drink in your trip is to bring it with you or contact them prior the tour for arrangements. They are very nice people and if you treat them well they can keep your drink cold for you. The Punta Cana deep sea fishing excursion can change the way you see fishing forever, so if you are up to the challenge the experience can be very rewarding.

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