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Budget Friendly Hotels Around The Area

Staying in cheap Punta Cana hotels is a good alternative to the popular all inclusive resorts for some people. It will help a lot if you are on a very tight budget, for example. Or trying to save some money and need a Punta Cana vacation deal for traveling alone or with family.

Others just like the authentic local Dominican atmosphere in their vacation. If you are going to stay in an inexpensive hotel, you must have a realistic mindset. And don't expect the quality of a 5 star luxurious resort with 24/7 room service.

These hotels are modest but on the good side tend to be well maintained and at the same time offer a fairly decent accommodation for the people staying there.

Among the many advantages that you can find, the main one is that the prices are quite low if you compare them to an average all inclusive resort. While not all of these hotels include a meal plan, several have an eating place right there at the property or you can go to any other restaurants that are located nearby.

Beach in the CaribbeanYou will probably also have access to a pool, among other amenities, and for a natural stunning scenery there is the beach that is not far away.

At daytime you can go and walk around the main streets of the town, buy some souvenirs at the stores and also eat around. You can also get a taxi and visit El Cortecito as an option to enjoy a day on your Caribbean trip.

At night time for entertainment there are discos and places to go for grabbing a couple of drinks with other travelers and locals as well.

Read about using a combination lock for the safe in the hotel room.

It doesn't matter if your decision is to stay in a low budget hotel or at an all inclusive resort, remember that the main purpose when planning a vacation is to have fun, relax, visit new places and have a good time. Think about it as an occasion to meet people and make friends.

In generally the lowest cost of stay, per night, in one of the cheap Punta Cana hotels can range from around 45 to 60 USD and maybe even a bit less. 

When making a reservation you must be clear on certain basic elements such as: what the place offers in terms of the current conditions of facilities, appliances, services offered (if any), etc.

Here are some of the economic hotels available in the region:

1- Hotel 2 Bavaro

Rooms: Real Suite, Suite, Standard, Economic

Location: Bavaro

Phone Numbers: +1 829-471-7501

                      +1 829-471-7505

2- El Cortecito Inn

Location: Playa el Cortecito, Bavaro

Phone Number: +1 809-552-0639


3- MT Hotel

Rooms: Single, Double, Triple, Suites

Location: Plaza Brisas de Bavaro

Phone Numbers:+1 809-552-0941

                     +1 809-552-1380


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