Punta Cana Ambers

Thinking about buying amber jewelry?

Punta Cana ambers are some very interesting and curious ornamental decorations. Ambers come from a tree’s resin and people acknowledge its beauty and unusual color. 

The amber is normally used to create decorative objects and jewelry. Most people consider amber a gemstone even when this substance is not mineralized like jewels are. The amber stone is not made from the fluid that travels through the system of a tree like many believe. The resin that composes it is an organic substance that created in the epithelial cells of the plant. One thing very common for the ambers stones is to contain insects.


Amber stones come in many different color and appearances. Amber stones can be yellow-brown the most popular color that people associate the amber. The stones can appear in different colors like: whitish, pale lemon yellow, to completely brown and almost black. One of the rarest ones is the red amber that some people call it cherry amber. 

The variety of amber stones 

They can also include the green amber and the blue amber which are stones that people put a higher value to it because of their rarity. The transparent amber is quite the most exquisite and valuable of them all especially because is one you can’t find just anywhere.

The Punta Cana amber is indeed one of the most beautiful looking ones. The amber stones native of the Dominican Republic is highly transparent and contain many fossils within it. The rarest one of the local ambers is the blue amber which keeps its radiant sea like looks at daylight. This precious amber is found deep in the mines of the Dominican Republic and not many people sell it.

When shopping for ambers you must keep in mind a couple of things.

Many shopkeepers sell fake amber which is plastic that looks like amber. A way to spot it is to use a black light because real amber will shine under it. Keeping a portable black light with you can help you make a great purchase. Another test you can use is to put it in water as the plastic one will float and the real amber is likely to sink.

Remember that when looking for real precious stones stick to the high quality shopkeepers.

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