Punta Cana Airport Transfers

Ways of getting to your hotel

It is important to think about the Punta Cana airport transfers before you actually get there.

For a moment imagine that you just got out of the airplane and arrived to your destination; at last minute you find yourself trying to figure out how can you get to your resort in a fast and affordable way. Here are various options of transportation that you should have in mind before that happens.

Charter flights airport transfers

When you decide to travel to Punta Cana in a charter flight it typically includes transportation from the airport to your hotel; and when your vacation is finished it will take you back to the airport.

The transportation most likely will be in an air conditioned bus with one or two of your tour company representatives and the people that were also in the charter flight. One of the main advantages is that you don't have to worry about bringing extra money for the transfer in your trip, because it is already included in the price of the vacation package.

Car rental

There are many car rentals offering a wide variety of automobiles at good prices. The down side is that it is not an easy task to drive in the Dominican Republic. The current conditions of the streets and the way the locals drive makes it difficult for visitors to drive around by themselves; for your safety it is better to consider other transportation options before this one.

Punta Cana airport taxi

The taxis are available 24/7, which gives you a peace of mind knowing that there's transportation accessible at any time. There are many taxis waiting outside the airport ready to take you to your resort or wherever you wish to go. Additionally, you can also contact a taxi line ahead of your arrival to Punta Cana to clear any doubts; if you wish to save money compare the rates and then decide which one is the best to use.

Taxi contact information:

Arena Gorda Taxi

Telephone Number: +1 809-552-0711

Beron Taxi

Telephone Number: +1 809-552-1013

Email: taxiberon@gmail.com

La Otra Banda Taxi

Telephone Number: +1 809-551-1135


Telephone Numbers: +1 809-552-0617

                            +1 809-221-2741

Fax: +1 809-552-0505
24 hours/day

Resort transfer

Not all of them, but some resorts and hotels provide transfer services from the airport and back to it. The service may be offered either for a car or private helicopter Punta Cana airport transfers. Remember that you should contact your travel agent or the resort's staff to book it with anticipation.

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