Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic is the biggest and most important city in the northern coast of the country. This city is visited regularly for its resorts that are located very close to the beach. Cities near the beach are very known in the Dominican Republic.

The most frequented ones are Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Cabarete and La Romana. Santo Domingo, the capital is near the coast but not as close to the coast as the other cities. Puerto Plata is not only a big city with many resorts it also has a very important history.

History Of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Originally it was Christopher Columbus that discovered Puerto Plata in the 1490’s however it was Nicolas de Ovando who founded the city around the year 1502. The name of city actually means port of silver probably referring to the silver appearance of the mist near the mountain or the reflection of the silver coins that was believed to be in the waters near the port. The port city had a great importance for the Spanish empire. All treasures and valuables found in the island were taken to this city to be immediately sent to the European continent as this was the last stop before heading there.

Around the year 1540 the fort called San Felipe was built to provide safety for the traders that came from Europe. Some decades later the Spanish started to move south to Santo Domingo and left the city almost abandoned. Some centuries later the city started to increase their economic activities once again.

Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic Today

Puerto Plata is fairly interesting location at this moment. The area has many good spots like Playa Dorada, Costa dorada, Luperon, maimon and is only 30 minutes away from Caberete which is a very well known surfing spot. Playa Dorada which is the biggest compound in the area contain several resorts, a beautiful beach, a golf course, many casinos, shopping center and a bicycle tour to the resorts around the area. There are many things you can see in this city.

You can start by visiting the Ocean world park which is basically a zoo and a marine park. You can see dolphins, sea lions and even tigers. Another good place to go is the Amber Museum. This place is indeed one of a kind; you can see one of the finest collections of ambers around the world. One thing you cannot miss when visiting this city is the San Felipe fort. The 2000 square meter construction is the oldest architecture in the area and was used to ward off the pirates.

The Puerto Plata lighthouse is a 24 meter marvelous monument built in the 19 century and is something that you have to see with your own eyes. The Brugal Rum factory tour is an essential part of any visit to Puerto Plata. There you can see the manufacturing process of this amazing drink plus you can get a taste of this delicacy. If you are a fan of scuba diving there is also something for you in Puerto Plata. You can find shipwrecks, shallow reefs even underwater caves; doesn’t matter how experienced you are, is guaranteed you will have a great time.

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