Polarized Sunglasses in the Beach

Polarized sunglasses are very popular these days. They can provide additional benefits that can’t be found on regular sunglasses. Normal sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from intense visible light; however, they are not useful against the blinding effect of the glare.

The polarized type is precisely designed to reduce the glare produced by the light that is reflected on certain surfaces.

A good way to illustrate this is by looking at the surface of a beach during a sunny day. The water looks just like a large shiny surface without the aid of the glasses; as you wear the polarized sunglasses the water becomes beautifully transparent and you are able to notice every detail of the sea with heightened resolution.

How they work

This special type of sunglasses works in a very unique way. As you may know light from sun that hits a surface is either reflected or refracted in many directions. The polarized lenses of the glasses work by blocking the horizontal reflection of the light. This is done by screening the light through vertical polarizing filters that are found in the lenses. That way any light that is not completely aligned with the aperture is absorbed while only a very small fraction of it will pass. The result is a drastic reduction of the glare which permits a better view of the surroundings.

Interesting facts

While they are very useful especially if you are vacationing in a tranquil and relaxing beach like the ones found in Punta Cana, there are occasions when the polarizing lenses might present a problem. One of the typical situations encountered by people is the difficulty in using LCD’s. The visibility of any device that employs the liquid crystal display technology is greatly hindered when looked through lenses that have been polarized. The screen on cell phones, GPS, computers and some instrument panels may seem very hard to look at from a certain angle which can be quite dangerous if you are handling sensitive equipment.

Another situation where these sunglasses may not be a good idea is when skiing. The light reflected from the ice is necessary for the skier to notice any danger ahead, without it could be fatal.

Despite the minor problems, there are many benefits acquired by using polarized lenses. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed more. Golfing and biking are 2 great examples where the use of lenses that have been polarized to allow the participant to have a better view of the environment which improve the performance. People driving for long periods of time and fishermen have found that polarized sunglasses improve their vision significantly.

Drivers are aware that being on the road for several hours can strain the eyes, so the glare reduction by wearing these sunglasses makes a big difference. This fact can come very handy if you decide to drive and explore certain areas like Punta Cana. If you love fishing the sunglasses can help you quite a bit as well; with them you should be able to see the surface of the water clearly enough to catch fish without the strong reflecting light obstructing your sight.

People that has undergone different types of eye surgery know how important is to protect the eyes once the procedure has ended. The intense brightness of the sun can be very harmful especially when the eyes are so sensitive, which is why polarized sunglasses are often provided to patients in order to decrease the chances of tissue damage.

Types of glasses

There are 2 main types of sunglasses that are polarized. One uses lenses of about 0.75 mm while the other has lenses of approximately 1.1 mm. The basic difference between them is the thickness of the lens. The thicker one tends to be more resilient and in theory of better quality hence its higher price. Both of them posses about the same level of polarization so no need to go for the thicker one unless you use them extensively.

Where to get them

Polarized sunglasses are easy to get. Many companies produce them, so it means that you can find them in wide number of stores. Another alternative is to visit an ophthalmologist and obtain prescription sunglasses for specific activities if you need to do so.

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