Playing Tennis in your Vacation

Playing tennis in your Punta Cana vacation is a fantastic way to relieve the stress and stay in shape at the same time. The tennis sport is not complicated in fact it can be very simple, adults and youngsters alike can enjoy it and is very easy to understand it. You can play it with another person (singles) or two vs two (doubles). The game takes place in a rectangular surface (court) that can be made from different materials. The difficulty in this sport can vary slightly with the material of the court.

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In the middle of the court there is a net very similar to the one used in volleyball, however, in this case is close to the ground. There are several lines drawn into the surface to indicate the boundaries of the court. The players use rackets to continuously hit the ball until they score. Now most resorts in Punta Cana are well equipped with tennis facilities that you can enjoy as part of their all inclusive packages. Even if you want to play during the night the tennis courts are well lit so there is no excuse for any visitor to not have fun while experiencing this exciting sport. Tennis is a lot of fun but it is way more than just a fun activity.

What are the benefits of playing tennis in your vacation?

As you play this amazing sport you are going to be accomplishing more than you think. For starters the tennis sport is considered to be a very vigorous exercise. At the moment you start playing your body will feel its intensity. Tennis requires plenty of movements from both the arms and the legs on an almost continuous basis making it an excellent cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise strengthens the heart and the rest of the circulatory system. As the heart gets stronger while playing it can deliver more oxygen to the organs of the body which gives you an overall better health but that’s not all!

Man playing tennisAs you move from one side to the other your legs get a lot stronger giving them more definition which is another of the benefits of people playing tennis in a Punta Cana resort. The motion required to hit the ball can strengthen your arms quite significantly as well. Don’t forget if you want both of your arms to improve simultaneously you have to alternate the arm holding the racket. I’m sure you have never seen a tennis player overweight and there is a reason for that too. 

The calories burned playing tennis can make a huge difference in your body weight. For example an individual weighting approximately 200 pounds playing for 30 minutes can lose almost 300 calories. That’s plenty of calories lost especially if you consider that while you are having fun in your vacation you are getting in better shape. Imagine this you are vacationing with some friends in Punta Cana and want to play some tennis before heading to the beach to get refreshed. You will not only have a great time but also eliminate some of those calories that can add up by eating at the buffets. 

- If you don't know how to play, don't worry, there are instructors at most resorts in Punta Cana giving useful lessons.

Basic rules for people playing tennis

The rules of tennis can get a bit tricky but as long you know the basics is not going to be a problem.

- One player is going to be in one side of the court while the opponent is going to be in the other side. In case doubles 2 on one side and 2 on the other side. A coin toss is going to decide who is going to serve and who is going to be on the receiving end. Depending if the game is single or doubles, the server will stand behind the correspondent line on the deuce court which is going to be across the court from the receiver’s position.

- Once the receiver gives the indication that is ready, the server begins with a shot across the court in the direction of the opponent’s service box. The receiver cannot hit the ball until it bounces from the service box if the ball is hit before that the server gets a point. If the server cannot hit the opponent’s service box in 2 turns, the server loses a point. If the service manages to hit the net and land on the service box, another service is required.
- The scoring when playing tennis goes as followed: love means zero in tennis, the first point is called 15, the second is 30, the third is 45 and the fourth is considered game. Once it hits game it returns back to love. The order of the score is love-15-30-45 then game. If at any moment the score is 40-40 it is known as deuce and the only way to win is by two points.

- The first player to win 6 games with a 2 game advantage is considered to be the winner of the set. The first player to win 2 sets is the winner of the match!

Video - Learn how to hold a tennis racket

Kids playing tennis

Children can also enjoy the advantages of this amazing sport. As you may know many children are having the problem of becoming overweight quite early in their lives. Many experts agree they need to be more active to reduce the obesity problem. Tennis is a sport that consumes a lot of energy so children that have the habit of playing it are less likely to be obese. Not only that but also improve the oxygen levels in their bodies.

An extra advantage that tennis has when is taught to children is that it can teach them to have a greater focusing ability. The hand eye coordination they must develop to start playing tennis can stimulate the brain in such a way that even their ability to learn at school is boosted significantly. Of course teaching children how to play tennis can get a bit tricky. You should wait at least until they are between 4 to 5 years old to start teaching them the basics. At first just toss the ball at them without too much technicality so they get hang of it. Once they start adapting you can begin to teach the basic elements of playing tennis.

At that age you still have to certain measures to ease their learning. Starting with a small racket can help them to get used to it while they being to develop their motor skills. The size of the racket matters a lot and shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. The normal length for the racket at that age should be around 19”. As the children continue to grow and improve the hand eye coordination, larger rackets become more appropriate for their skill level. Once they are around 7 to 8 years old the length of the racket they use should be near 21”. Make sure they feel very comfortable and have a good grip on it. As they get taller the racket should also get longer to ensure a better adaptation.

One of the kids playing tennis
The next step is to teach the basic shots. The ground-stroke should be the first shot to be taught. This basically consists of a backhand or forehand shot that is done after the ball bounces from the court floor. The important thing is to make sure the children are capable of returning the shot in the proper way. Learning this can take a while so be patient. After they can manage it well, the overhead swing should follow. 

Start with soft shots close to the net and to their racket so they can get used to it. It may take a while before any child can master all these shots but sooner than later they are going to be ready to have fun playing tennis anywhere.

After the child has become familiar with all the basic skills is time for them to start learning the actual rules of the game. Is preferable to wait at least until they are 10 years old to proceed with this step, otherwise the child will get easily distracted and won’t pay any real attention. As you start with the rules keep in mind they kids won’t learn them in one day; it takes a good while before they become familiar with all the regulations and put them into practice. Kids playing tennis should put the basic concepts into good use and in no time you will have pretty decent players that can surely do well in a friendly match at any of the resorts in Punta Cana.

Playing Tennis While Pregnant

The tennis sport is well loved among all kinds of audiences. Women love to play it possibly even more than men. Under normal circumstances everybody can play it as much as they like but playing tennis while pregnant is another story. Women have to be extremely careful when performing any kind of rigorous exercise when they are pregnant and that includes tennis. The level of experience is the first thing to consider; a woman that has never played tennis in her life should not under any conditions try to start learning while she is pregnant. Like in most sports as you are beginning you are likely to fall and get hurt quite easily that is especially true for a fast moving sport such as tennis. On the other hand, if a woman is already experienced on the sport she may play. 

Playing tennis while pregnant is no pushover and certain measures must be taken to prevent accidents.

The first rule for playing while pregnant is to do it only for recreation, for example, if you are on a vacation in Punta Cana, trying to play in a real competition is too dangerous and should not be done. When you play for fun like in your vacation you do it calmly without overexerting that way the danger for your child should be minimal.

The second rule depends on how far in the pregnancy the woman is; there is big difference between playing tennis during the first trimester and the third trimester. At the early stages of pregnancy is easier for a woman to keep her balance and avoid any potential falls. As time passes and the baby continues to grow maintaining the equilibrium becomes harder. Eventually it reaches the point when a woman can no longer make any sudden moves without risking her health or the baby’s.

There is a way to reduce the risk even further while playing tennis and is by playing doubles. Why doubles? Because as you play doubles you are required to move way less than when you play single. Since 2 players can cover the area better; the pregnant player can remain mostly static in one area taking the easy shots while her partner is the one that moves around making the real tough ones. That way a pregnant woman can enjoy playing tennis without worrying too much about the health. In any case is important to consult a physician before getting involved in any physical activity especially if being pregnant is a possibility.

8 Playing Tennis Tips

If you have never played tennis in your life or have started recently there are a couple of things you can do to improve your game and have a better experience in this great sport.Playing tennis outdoors in the vacation

1- Visualize that you are playing tennis like you have never done it before. See yourself executing every shot like a professional player; keep in mind that mental preparation will improve your game dramatically.

2- Dress accordingly to the occasion; short pants and a sleeveless shirt can do the trick, of course if you prefer you can still play in your swimsuit after all is having fun what matters.

3- Do not forget to warm up, please don’t make the mistake of many people by thinking that stretching is not necessary; among the tips for playing tennis this one is essential to prevent injuries and believe me you don’t want to spend your vacation injured.

4- Next a good serving shot can make the difference so try tossing the ball high; this will help you boost the power and the speed of the shot which allows you a better chance of scoring.

5- Remember to take the occasional break to rest and rehydrate yourself; even professional players have to do it so there is no shame in pausing for a bit. 

6- When playing tennis maintain your eyes on the ball; is imperative to anticipate the speed and direction of the ball to counter the shot effectively.

7- Good communication is a must if you are playing doubles; be very clear with your partner about who is going to return the shot at all times. 

8- Sunblock is a must for outside tennis; even if you see some clouds and the sunlight doesn't feel intense.

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