Peak and off peak travel dates

by Off peak traveler
(Las Vegas, Nevada USA)

What are the peak and off peak travel months for Punta Cana? Is there a time of the year and days of the week when there are fewer visitors?


Well, Punta Cana is an amazing traveling destination any time of the year. That said, typically peak season or the time of the year where people mostly travel to Punta Cana is from January until May begins. As you may know during that time is when flights and hotel rates are higher than any other time in the year. Of course there are many reasons for that being the high season. The temperatures are cooler and there is a very small probability of rain. In other words, during peak season you will find more people and higher prices in exchange of better weather conditions and not so hot temperatures.

The off peak travel months are basically from May to October. Around that time the amount of visitors to Punta Cana are reduced. During these months the rain activity increase and the temperatures are higher. The off season do come with its advantages.

Flight and hotel prices fall dramatically which is ideal if you want to have a Caribbean vacation without spending too much. Also the hotels are way less crowded during these months which could come in handy if you enjoy a quieter and more relaxing setting. Basically the off season is ideal if your main concern is getting a good ideal and having a quieter time.

You also need to keep in mind that while December is not a peak season month the latter part of the month tends to get a bit more crowded and pricier during the holidays, which is basically from Christmas till New years.

The first part of December is a fantastic time to travel to Punta Cana. The temperatures are fairly cool, the chance of rain decreases sharply, is not crowded and the prices are an incredible bargain. November is also good but the only real problem you might face is the fact that it is a rainy month.

Ideally you will want to travel during the weekdays of the first or second week of December to have the closest thing to the best conditions possible. Weekends get a bit crowded due to the presence of the locals that may get a day pass to enjoy the hotels.

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