Passport for Baby

You may wonder how to get a passport for baby and the fact is you follow the same basic procedure as you do for an adult. Many vacation destinations like Punta Cana make it easy to care for a little one while having a relaxing time for yourself by providing child care.

Whether you are traveling on vacation or business to the Caribbean, you can bring your baby along with you as long as he or she has a proper passport. 

Just because a baby is small and may travel on your lap and not take up much room, it doesn't mean he doesn't need appropriate documentation. In fact, your baby may even need more supporting documents in order to prove he is indeed yours and not a victim of kidnapping about to be whisked out of the country.

The first thing you must know is to allow plenty of time to get the passport for baby. 

It can often take weeks after applying to get your travel papers in order. In some cases, you may be able to speed things along by paying an expedite fee, but since your baby can't travel without a passport, the sooner you apply, the better. When filling in the required paperwork, be sure to follow the instructions completely. If you don't submit the application properly, your request may be denied and result in further delays.

You will need a quality photo of your baby.

You can have one professionally made or you can take a photo yourself, but there are a few general rules to keep in mind. The photo should be taken within six months of the application and your baby's face should be fully visible. (You should not be in the photo in whole or in part.) It is best to place your baby in a car seat or lay him on a white blanket. His head should be uncovered and the picture should of the head so that your baby can be identifiable.

Once you have a proper photograph, you should assemble the necessary documents. You will need proof of citizenship of some sort. This could be a birth certificate, but the original and not a copy is most likely required. In addition, you will need proof of relationship. This could also be the baby's birth certificate, but it could also be an adoption decree or court order showing custody. As the parent or guardian, you will also need to provide your identification in the form of a valid driver's license, government ID or passport. You may also have to file official parent consent to get the passport for baby. This may require a specific form for written consent or both parents appearing in person along with the baby.

Once you have all of the required paperwork along with the photo, you are ready to go to your local passport center, file your baby's application and pay the required fee.

By having everything you need and following procedures correctly, you will speed up the process and have your baby ready for a flight in a short amount of time.

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