Our Two Week Stay at the Melia Caribe Tropical

by J.P.
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I traveled with eighteen people for a wedding and stayed at the Melia Caribe. We arrived there on the 10th of Jan and stayed until the 24th. Our problems started as soon as we arrived at the resort. While we were still in our winter clothes, we had to wait three hours to check in.

A couple who traveled with us checked into their room and found people inside. They were later accommodated at 6pm that evening to a Royal Service room that was isolated from the rest of the wedding party.

Our room had a king size bed with small pillows and phones that didn't work. On numerous occasions we had asked for a replacement of our phones and an additional pillow. We didn't get them until 4 days later.. It was a good thing we stayed for two weeks. The other major hang-up my wife and I had was the timing the hotel decided to make up our room every day. It was very inconvenient to return to our room every day at 5pm to get ready for dinner to find out that our morning towels were still wet.

I complained to the room manager and he asked me what time I would like to have the room made up everyday. I said anytime between 10am and 3pm would be fine.. He granted me that our room would be made up at 10am every morning for the duration of our stay. No surprise, our room was only made up at 10am on one occasion.

It was also a little difficult to get used to the glass window that's on the bathroom door that's a little frosted. It's hard to use the bathroom when you're entertaining people in your room when people constantly walk by.

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Feb 15, 2011
Not my experience
by: by

Well I am sorry that you did not experience the same kind of holiday I did twice and going back in 3 weeks for the 3rd visit. Unlike your experience both of my past experiences were wonderful from the moment the bus pulled up to the lobby front.

The first trip was RS and the second one was not but both were just as enjoyable, mind you the extra perks were great for the Royal service. I found the staff to be very helpful and very pleasant. I two stay for 2 weeks as it is a much longer flight for me coming from Western Canada.

I have not hesitated to recommend this hotel to many people and a few of them have gone and called me to say Thank you very much for the recommendation. Like myself some of them are return visitors. Holidays are what you make of them, just remember you are not at home on a timetable, let the little things fly and you will find you have a lot fewer bigger issues.

I plan on writing a review upon my return of my third visit.

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