Occidental Grand Flamenco Punta Cana Resort

by Brittany Jones

We stayed at the above resort from April 11th to 25th, 2010. We had a wonderful time. Check in was fast and efficient. The staff were amazing to us. The only real complaint we had was that the buffet was not very hot. The food though was very good. Any food we got from the buffet, unless it came right off the grill was only lukewarm.

We only tried one a la carte restaurant at the Occidental Grand Flamenco and that was the pizza place. I had the best calzone I have ever tasted and the pizza was very good as well.

The resort is very clean. The rooms need some upgrading but the resort is 28 years old. And of course, there are some water issues. Some people complained of not having hot water. We experienced that only once. And also the washrooms, the toilets seemed to be plugged quite often as they don't have a lot of water pressure.

Activities around the resort: The adult night show didn't start until 10:00 p.m. and the kids' show was earlier. We have an 8 year old so the adult show was not an option for us but I heard the shows were OK. They had such things as merengue (sp) lessons, water aerobics etc.

The beach was beautiful. But as with other resorts, if you are not up at the crack of dawn, you will not get a chair with an umbrella if that is what you wish. There are plenty of chairs but not enough with palapas for shade. People were fighting over them at the beach so we pretty much stayed at the pool and went to the beach for periods of time when we wanted to.

The weather was pretty good. Apparently we received a bit more rain than usual and it was hotter than usual for the time of year. It rained a lot at night. We had only really one bad day the entire two weeks we were there. Clouds were sometimes a welcome site as it was VERY hot, one day reaching 34 degrees.

Check out was fine, no problems.

All in all, I would definitely go back. As I mentioned before, the rooms need a bit of upgrading but the beds and bathrooms are always clean and the room tidied. Very good value for your money. When we booked this trip, the book stated it was a 4.5 star. I would not give it that, but 3.5 - 4.0 for sure.

Can't wait to return.

The pools were kept nice and clean. However, the music around the pool left something to be desired at times. One day the activity girl was playing rap which is fine. She played different types of music. However, this one particular song she played two days in a row had so much swearing in it that I couldn't believe they would play this at a family resort. My son didn't need to be hearing that kind of language. I contacted our rep from Air Transat and he put a stop to it immediately. The elderly people did not want to hear it either.

I would recommend this resort to our friends.

Last but not least, remember the stomach medications LOL. We were OK but many people had the Dominican Revenge, some feeling very ill and others just running to the washroom often. :)

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