15 Mistakes Travelers do Over and Over Again

Traveling is something that almost everybody loves. The joy people feel as they arrive to a new exotic destination is simply amazing. When people look for clothes, luggage or any other item they might need for their trip, they are normally thinking about the excitement and the new things they are going to find. Of course things rarely go exactly as planned when you travel.

Sometimes the weather conditions turn different at the very last moment, in other occasions flights get delayed for no apparent reason and there are times when people simply make big mistakes in their trips.

Believe it or not! The vast majority of people do the same mistakes over and over again when traveling, so here they are:

1- Leaving the cell phone charger at home

This is a very common mistake that many people overlook when traveling. They think they have everything that is needed in their luggage and guess what! Not everything is in there. Most of the time people discover the charger has been left at home when they really need to use the phone and yeah, it has no charge!

2- Not carrying enough clothes in your luggage or too many of them

This one is very obvious yet people do it over and over again. Some travelers make the mistake of miscalculating all the clothes they are going to need and take fewer clothes than they should; leaving them with no other choice than buying clothes at very expensive prices.

The opposite happens probably more often. Carrying way too much luggage can be a big problem especially for the trip back home. Buying too many souvenirs or any other items of interest in your travels will take some space in your luggage so keep that in mind before overstuffing your suitcase with unnecessary clothes.

3- Wearing inappropriate clothing for a specific place

Some traveling spots have a very conservative dressing code while others are more liberal so is important to do a little research before going to certain areas to prevent any misunderstandings.

4- Losing your identifications

The identifications and passport are items of the utmost importance especially if traveling in a foreign country yet many people misplace them quite often in their trips. This is one of the most painful mistakes as it can leave anyone stranded for a good while.

5- Forgetting the safety box combination

This common mistake happens quite frequently when people stay at hotels. They lock away their valuables in a safety box but later they can’t even remember the combination. Preventing this type of inconvenience is easily done by using a familiar combination of numbers such as birthdays.

6- Maxing out credit cards

Travelers on a budget should really pay attention to this one. Sometimes is easy to get carried away in a new place and max the card buying anything on sight without thinking it twice. Be aware at all moments of the spending going on to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

7- Overeating

A typical mistake people do when traveling is eating way too much. Enjoying good meals when traveling is very nice but when eating too much it can turn into a problem.

8- Not paying attention to the room number

Yeah, some people have a tendency to forget the number of the room in which they are staying. More often than not they find themselves walking in circles in the halls of the hotel they are staying without a clue on where the room might be located.
When traveling always repeat the number of the room a couple of times to remember it, writing the number in a small piece of paper is very useful and a great alternative for those that want to be on the safe side.

9- Buying without thinking

Controlling the urge to buy useless items is important for most travelers. Sometimes people get fascinated with objects they don’t really care about but at the moment seems like a good idea to get them; these objects can clutter your house later and be a bother. Remember think well before buying.

10- Getting into a pool with a wallet

That’s one mistake that people always remember! Sometimes people traveling to hotels get carried away and immediately jump to the pool or the beach to relax for a while but they forget a minor detail and that is they have their wallets with them. So please if you have important documents or cash in your wallet think twice before getting refreshed!

11- Walking or driving in an unfamiliar place without a clue

Getting lost can easily be the number one mistake people do when traveling. Quite frequently travelers just start walking around or get a car to explore a strange place without having anything or anyone assisting them. Some people think they can get to the places they want just by instinct! That’s very wrong. Ending in a dark alley alone is not a pretty picture.  A tour guide is always a great help, maps never hurt and having a gps can definitely make the life of everyone easier in an unknown city.

12- Not having enough cash at hand

It doesn’t matter the destination is always good to have some cash. There are many places where credit cards can’t be used and relying on cash is the only way to go. That is so true if by chance a traveler has an emergency in a rural area and there are no machines for any kind of card to be used!

13- Misplacing the room key

Some travelers repeat this mistake very often. Getting stranded out of the room is not a very good feeling especially if you are in a hurry. A very effective way to avoid losing an electronic key is by using a badge holder, that way the chances of misplacing the key are very small. If you get a regular key remember to check the pockets often to make sure you have it, believe me it can do the trick.

14- Getting scammed by vendors

People traveling to hot touristic spots can be the prey for unscrupulous vendors. They often try to sell cheap imitations of real quality products and will do everything necessary for other people to believe them. Trust your instincts if the price seems too outrageous for the item something might be wrong with it also if the vendor has a shifty appearance it could be another red flag so keep an eye.

15- Not bringing a dictionary when traveling abroad

Being able to communicate with people that speak a different language is a must for any traveler. There are many countries around the world where the English language is not understood by some people so is important to be prepared beforehand with a dictionary just in case.

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